Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Today Is A Beautiful Bright Day,

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I found it very difficult to stay optimistic yesterday because it was such a struggle for me to do anything.

My arms would hardly move, it was difficult to hold my beaker to drink or to hold the vaporiser bag to inhale thc.

I found this very depressing as being able to use my hands and to raise my arms is important, difficult to contemplate losing even those basic functions.

Not being able to eat dinner myself is difficult, eating yourself is so important, I never realised quite how important it was until Richie has had to do it for me.

It was not just my arms yesterday, but also my fingers which would not work, they flopped about and I could not get them to do anything that I wanted to do.

I tried my best to find a picture for yesterdays post but had to give up and leave looking for a picture until today.

Today everything is working; I got a picture for yesterdays post, edited the Dutch version and getting today’s post written.

Today is a beautiful bright day, with sunshine and blue skies, it is lovely to see, a huge much needed boost for me.


JC said...

I am so glad your arms are working for you today.

I've had three times where my arms and legs went crazy. Luckily the meds they put me on helped eventually.

When I was in the hospital and they'd put food trays down, I couldn't open the juice cartons or cut my food. Some would remember it and others would just put the tray down. Finally they wrote a note above my bed that told them to open things and cut things for me.

So, I know what you mean ...

Webster said...

Somehow, Herrad, I think that as long as you have Richie you will be okay.

There's a song lyric I'm thinking of: "There's always sunshine after rain," from a band that was popular in the 1980s, (but I can't remember who).

Karen said...

Enjoy the biright sunshiny day Herrad!

Herrad said...

Hi JC,
Hate to think of you being treated like that in hospital.
Thanks for your visit and your kind comment.

Hi Webster,
Thanks for your visit, you are right life with Richie is good.

Hi Karen,
Two days of sunshine have been great.
Thanks for coming by.

Brilliant seeing your comments good to see you had come by.