Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Slow Day.

Andre Breton/Valenine Hugo.

Feeling very slow today after a late night; I woke in discomfort, due to my pelvis being twisted one way and my torso the other way.

My head was leaning to the right at an acute angle which was not comfortable as soon as I woke.

It is amazing how much movement my body still has even though I am totally unable to move my body at all. 

Every morning when I wake, I am curious as to where my body has shifted to in the night; how I wish I could move around again.

I never sat still for very long; I was always getting up and doing something, usually as soon as I had sat.

How I long to be able to move independently again, I would love to move my torso, to bend from my waist.

Be good if I could lift my right arm and touch my head, these days even that is not possible nor can I get the fingers of my right hand up to my mouth.

To do that I would need to hold up my right arm with my left hand which is extremely tiring, only manage doing that for seconds.           

I am aware that my situation has progressed this worries and makes me sad bit will not stop me making the best of everything I can.                                                


janis said...

Herrad~ That is interesting how your body repositions itself & moves yet you are unable to move yourself. I marvel at your strength and positive outlook. I would be so frustrated. I love that you refuse to allow MS to stop you from making the best of everything.
Love to you~

Herrad said...

H Janis,
It is strange how my body moves all the time just not when I want it to move.
I am frustrated, just do not deal on it as that would hurt me too much.
So posaitive is what it has to be.
Thanks for coming by.
Have a pleasant day.