Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Good Appointment.

The Angel  Of Anarchy.
Eileen Agar.

Yesterday it was a good appointment with Johanneke, she spotted right away that the arm supports were too high.

They were making me to sit hunched up, which was causing alot of stress to my shoulders that I had not noticed.

Difficult to notice what causes discomfort as there is so much and so many triggers, I did notice the absence of stress to my shoulders, after Richie had adjusted the arm supports.

This adjustment was good, as were the other temporary adjustments that Johanneke made yesterday; when she noticed that I needed extra support.

I needed it on my right side just above my waist and on the left above my hip; Johanneke put some foam there to give me some temporary support.

She will organise an appointment with Summit, the company that adapted the wheelchair seat in 2009.

This will take place the week after next; the temporary solution has already helped me to sit better.

Looking forward to the appointment with Summit and Annelies and Johanneke and a permanent solution.

We also discussed the problems I am having with typing and navigating between applications, we agreed that I would carry on using the on screen pre-emptive keyboard.



gareth said...

Glad to read the appointment went well hope it gets sorted soon. Well its almost the weekend again so wishing you folks a pleasent one BIG HUGS @ LOVE G@PXXX

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Sounds like progress. Hope you continue to refine your seating and get comfie. Have a great weekend. Love, Mary

Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,
Yes the appointment was good, it should result in action soon.
Hope you have a good time too.

Hi Mary,
Yes there is progress whoch is good, should be seating bettewr soon.
Hope yours is good too.

Thamks both of you lovely friends for cming by, alwaysa good to see your comments.