Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Hope It Works.

 Fruits Of Creation.
Victor Bregeda.

Rabbit, rabbit it is the first of February today and now I am looking forward to the days getting slowly longer.

I do love noticing that it is getting lighter by a few minutes every day think that it is lovely to notice this again this year.

Typically it has got colder again and sadly it is another grey and overcast day today so perhaps the few extra minutes will not be noticed so easily today.

My skin seems to be responding well to the cream and the chemist has just brought the lotion around for my head.

Looking forward to the constant irritation on my scalp stopping as soon as the lotion is applied to my head.

We have no idea how or why I have got this, wonder if the strong antibiotics have played a role in making it worse.

Be brilliant if the cream and the lotion do work and it becomes obvious on Wednesday that would be good.

Even better if the rash does not come back again after Wednesday, that would be brilliant, next sunny day I shall get Richie to wrap me up warm and take me out.

Going to relax and enjoy today, especially now that my skin feels so much better after two applications f the cream.  


Stephany said...

I hope it works too! Have a nice afternoon and evening Herrad!

steve said...

I get dry, "winter" skin every year. The itch can be intolerable. I hope your creams provide some relief from the rash.

At your suggestion, I watched The Mechanic yesterday. Once I got into the seventies style of film-making, I really enjoyed the film. There wasn't a word of dialog for the first 15 minutes, and the final explosion was awesome!

janis said...

Glad it seems to be working.
Yes, relax & enjoy the day.

Kris said...

I hope it gets sunny soon Herrad! Weather is awful in NYC too. We have an icey rain coming! I'd prefer a blizzard to be honest. :o)

Gareth said...

Watcha Folks, love the doggies playing so glad Marleen has a play mate. O the itching sounds not nice hope it clears up soon. We had a great day out at the seaside, sun shining not a cloud in the sky. Send sunny ray your way BIG LOVE GXXX

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
It is getting better now, which is a real relief.Hope your weekend is pleasant.

Hi Steve,
Glad you enjoyed the film, the cream seems to be working well and the awful itch has gone now.
Hope it stays away too.
Have you ever seen Modesty Blaise?
It's from 1966.

Hi Janis,
Glad to report my skin is still doing ok.
Which is brilliant.

Hi Kris,
It would be wonderful if the weather started to get more pleasant than it s right now.

Hi Gareth,
Your day at the beach sounds delightful, glad the sun was shining.

Thanks to all you lovely friends for coming by, loved seeing your comments.
I am so relieved and happy the rash is getting better.
Hope that it will still be the case on Monday when I have finished the treatment.
Keep warm and cheerful.