Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nothing Ever Seems To Change.

Hans Duller.

We did not sleep until late as we were watching the scenes in Egypt where people were celebrating Hosni Mubarak stepping down after 30 years.

Wonder if anyone has noticed that maybe, they do not need anyone governing them; I often wonder why governments are needed.

I think it is because we have been convinced we can not co-operate with each other without ‘’big daddy’’ telling us what to do, which is not true.

People work together daily and it is that co-operation that keeps everything going and not government.

Looking forward to the day that '' for the and by people’’ becomes a reality and not just an illusion that gets trotted out at election time.

I think that is an illusion too, every 4 years there is an election,  one party gets elected, its like a weather vane.

After the election the elected party takes over and everything carries on as before until the next time.

Nothing much ever seems to change yet we all think it does because we have a so-called democracy.

Or do we, don’t we just have a revolving door and the same parties which makes us think we are living free and not under a dictatorship.  


JC said...

Love what you said. I hope it helps the people in Egypt. In the us, out two parties always promise but rarely do they get anything to change. Our health care bill for one ...

Hope you have a nice weekend with Ritchie and the pups,

Herrad said...

Hi JC,
Thanks for your visit and comment, I agree with you our parties just promise but do nothing. Like your health care bill as you said.
Our weekend is pleasant hope yours is too.