Friday, February 11, 2011

It's Friday.


It’s Friday; sadly it is another grey, misty cold day like yesterday, just no pouring rain today.

Richie is out shopping, he wants to get it all done today so he has nothing to do tomorrow and can watch the 6 nations rugby.

Tomorrow afternoon a good friend will come by for an hour which is a pleasant prospect, nice to see a friend.

We could really do with more friends visiting us and less business visits, but guess we will see more people as soon as the weather gets better.

Everyone is still in winter hibernation until end of February beginning of March when people start phoning to make arrangements. 

Before I lived here I never had a yearly diary, but here you have to have one as everything is done by appointment only.

It is quite rare to get a spontaneous visit here, and sadly since I am so handicapped we need to know when people plan to visit so that Richie can have me showered and dressed, sitting in my wheelchair.

Looking forward to Richie coming home soon and having a shower, clean clothes and enjoying Richie’s company.


Have Myelin? said...

Do you like it when people stop by unexpectedly or do you prefer appointments? I prefer to kinda know but really, I don't mind if they surprise me unless I look like a mongoose! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Please have you all a wonderful start into the weekend.

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

Great photos of the dogs in the other post! I hope you have a nice weekend, your'e awesome!


Webster said...

Since everyone has a cell phone these days, I suppose they could just call if they were in my neighborhood, and ask f it was a good time to drop by. I know I would prefer that to a total surprise visit. Sometimes the carpet needs to be vacuumed, or my schedule is often totally around the clock!

Herrad said...

Hi Sherry,
I used to love surprise visits but now we need to know at least a couple hours notice so I am sitting in my w/chair.
I always thought mongoose were cute animals.
Enjoy your weekend.

Hi Robert,
Good to see your comment, thanks for coming by.
I hope your weekend is pleasant.

Hi Stephany,
Glad you like the dogs pics, how is Koda, I hope well.
I think you are wonderful.
Have a relaxing weekend.

Hi Webster,
I love getting those calls, hope they start to happen more often with spring on the way.
Have a relaxing weekend.

Thanks to you 4 lovely friends for visiting.
Have pleasant weekends everyone.

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

oops I thought I was commenting on the recent post, thinking about this one...ack! oh well!

Have a lovely Sunday, hugs to you and Richie and the dogs :)

Bibliotekaren said...


It's so good to see Cyril coming out of his shell and happy. And, yes, to no surprise visitors these days.

Take care,

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Our Sunday was good, hope yours was too.
The dogs are good, how's yours?

Hi Donna,
Cyril is a lovely sight relaxing and starting to trust us and enjoy his new life.
Surprise visits no good for me neither, not now, sadly.

Cyril is starting to relax which is great.
It will take awhile for his traumas to reduce and hopefully eventually fade away totally.
Cyril seems to have been treated rather badly and got very scared.
We will do everything to help him blossom and enjoy his life.