Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A Sunny Day.

Gordon Onslow Ford.

Today is another beautiful bright sunny day which was wonderful when Richie opened the curtains.

What a treat to have two lovely days, this weather has such a good effect on me, it lifts me.

My arms and hands and fingers are not suddenly restored because they are not.

This weather gives me a big boost, which I needed right now after two weeks of grey, misty, dark days.

A boost is welcome as it makes me feel good, feeling good has an effect on my perceptions of my day.

Right now I feel optimistic about today and the two appointments this afternoon, one at 13.30 where I will get a demonstration of other methods of steering my wheelchair.

The other appointment is about the cushion on the shower chair, which needs to be fixed better so that it and me do not slide about and make Richie’s life very difficult during showers.

I am feeling optimistic that the appointments will go well and they will all be gone by 14.30 and everything will be done.

I am getting today’s post written now, so that it can be posted before my shower and I can relax and enjoy the afternoon.


Ana said...

I'm happy you're optimistic.
Love you...

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,
Good to see your comment, hope you are ell.
Love you too.