Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Cold and Icy Winters Day.

Spike slept in his bed in the front room, which meant that I managed to get off to sleep without too many problems last night.

It certainly made a pleasant change to drift off to sleep without Spike walking around and clicking loudly.

Night before last, three times just as I was about to drift off he jumped up and started walking around.

Being Spike he can't do that quietly, he walks abit like a wee gun slinger, you can almost hear his spurs dragging on the floor.

And being me I can’t help being upset by it, which certainly doesn’t help me to sleep, on the contrary it directly stops me.

So always try to not react to hearing Spike moving around, but it is difficult not to get annoyed.

As soon as I get annoyed I am too involved in Spike and have totally forgotten the main plan, which was falling asleep.

Hate the way that I can start thinking about things I have ignored successfully all during the day.

I do my very best to switch these thoughts off as soon as they happen, hate how all day and evening I do not think of them.

And literally seconds before sleep, as Richie is turning the light off all the thoughts I do not want come flooding in to my mind.

It is a bloody nuisance, and happens to me every time when I am worried about things, just funny how after a day long absence every thought is intact and ready for me to get worried about all over again.

Glad that right now there is nothing that is worrying me apart from the habit of worrying which seems to be the most difficult of all to stop.

Right now I am inhaling a bag of THC as I am in quite a lot of pain today, while it is still daylight I shall enjoy looking out of the window.

Today is another cold and icy day, with a hint that it may not last so very long, hope it thaws soon and by the end of January, the gradual start of spring will be around us.


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Herrad:)

I wonder why Spike can't in the front room always. Surely you need your sleep without any interruption.

Very lovely photos. You know, in Kochi where I live it never gets really cold. Our climate is neither too hot or too cold. We don't even wear woolen clothes here at any time of the year.

You must get your quota of rest and sleep. I am sure you will find some way.

Herrad said...

Hi Joseph,
Thanks for coming by, you are right it is important I sleep well.
We need to keep the door to the front room tightly closed so Spike can't get in.
The climate in Kochi sounds ideal, bet the growing period is good too.
Have a good evening and Tuesday.

Friko said...

Hi Herrad,

Dogs can be a nuisance, a lovable one, sure, but still......

The nightly thoughts are very commonplace with all who tend to worry about things; it is quite true that worries always get worse in the small hours.

Thank you very much for your generous donation of awards, I shall treasure mine. I hope I don't have anything further to do about them, I'm not good at forwarding things quickly.

Here in Shropshire we are pretty much snowed under for the duration; I think i have had enough of snow and ice now.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh Herrad....those flooding thoughts...I know exactly what you go through. And yeah, the dogs. We love them to bits, but when they interrupt our sleep, it's frustrating for sure! My boys are okay now, but for years, I had to keep them in a separate room at night because by 4am, they'd want to get up and they'd whine incessantly. Now though, it's the soft snoring, but it lulls me to sleep! :)
Hope the THC is helping.

Anonymous said...

Dear Herrad,
I like the expression "to get off to sleep" - feels as if indeed one is moving into an adventure.
Late tonight as well, I'll be off as well ;)
Please have you all a wonderful start into the new day.

GoBigGreen said...

Ugh. I feel your winter cold right now here in MN!
I love your pictures, tho as much as i dislike the cold it is brilliant how the sun shines on a cold day.
I pray for restful and refreshing sleeps for all of you:)
Love, Julia

Webster said...

Herrad, I'm sorry getting to sleep is a problem for you. I agree- keep Spike in the living room at night. He can cuddle with Marlene (or not). When the thoughts start up, start focusing on your breath, as if you were trying to meditate. Or visualize laying on a beach in Trinidad. Whatever works without thought.

Herrad said...

Hi Friko,
Thanks for your visit, you can do as you like with the awards.

Hi Rain,
Those floods of thoughts are not easy to stop are they?
And the dogs, not Marleen just Spike can't be still.
4 am alarm call cos they want food is very early!

Hi Robert,
It is a good expression ´´to get off´´
I´´ll be off in a moment too.

Hi Julia,
Thanks for coming by, lovely to see your comment.
Glad you liked the pics.

Hi Webster,
The last couple of nights have been dog free with lots of zzzzzzzzzzzzz and no thinking.

Thanks everyone for coming by really appreciate it very much.
Big hugs.
Keep warm