Sunday, January 10, 2010

Deepest Winter Sunday in January 2010

Winter in Amsterdam.

Winter in Wales.

It is a freezing cold Sunday, Richie seems to have many layers in order to brave the north easterly wind that is coming here straight from Siberia.

It has been snowing for most of the day, which resulted in some happy snowballs being thrown up at the bookcase sculpture; that is mounted on the wall outside our bedroom window.

The books are all books written by local writers, some well known in the Netherlands, and the artwork was by a local artist.

Got too late again last night and to sleep even later, three times just as I was falling asleep Spike had to move, I did not get cross with him.

So anger did not flood my brain making sleep impossible.

But still it eluded me which was very sad indeed, especially as I have been sleeping so well recently, I think that I finally slept at 5 am and slept until 12.30.

Since then the afternoon has sped past and it is once again very dark and cold looking outside, almost glad I do not have to take the dogs out.

But then again think that I would love to say ‘oh I’ll go with the dogs this time’

Realising recently that our memories are a great resource, sometimes I realise that depite a clear memory of a place, I have not been out and about for ages.

Yet my visual memory is extremely accurate, it can never be as good as those that are topped up daily at the source.


Stephany said...

That sounds very cold and I would want to skip the walk w the dogs too. Hope you sleep well tonight, HUGS

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Cold here too. Good day to lay around. Love, Mary

Kris said...

Thank you for the award Herrad! Have a great day!

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
The dogs start to protest if they can't come straight home.
Hope tonight will not be a problem for me and I can sleep.

Hi Mary,
Hope you had a good day today and kept warm.

Hi Kris,
Glad you like the award.
Hope your day was good too.

Thanks to the three of you for coming by.
Hope you all had a pleasant day and kept warm and cheerful.

mortonlake said...

keep warm herrad.its slowly thawing but frost forecast tonight,take care,love mort xx

Herrad said...

i Mort,
It is freezing here and still snowing like crazy.
We are all keeping very warm.
Keep warm and snug and don't go out tomororw unless you really need to.

Rei said...

Hey Herrad! I know what you're going through with the cold, it's freezing here, too! I hope you're able to stay warm and sleep well! And thank you for the Golden Paw Award! I'm sorry that I'm so late in picking it up... >.>


Anonymous said...

Dear Herrad, agree with you that the mind is indeed one,if not the best, source of life,love, peace.

If I could chose I'd like to take a day in Wales...
Please have you all a wonderful start into the new week.

Chekoala said...

Dear Herrad
Sending you all some Melbournian warmth ...
More heat than we can be sensible with here - 43 degrees C on the mercury today, wot's that in fahrenheit? heading towards 110 maybe?

keep warm, take care

Webster said...

OMG I know exactly what you're talking about! That yearning to be out and about. I remember, of all things, wanting to go to Safeway (a grocery store) and go up and down each aisle. This was something I couldn't do when I went to the store with my Dad. It drove me nuts.

But for you, you might want to wait until those Siberian winds calm down and the temperature warms up at least a few degrees before venturing out. BTW, do you have traction tires on your chair? Would Spike or Marlene want to ride in your lap?

Ana said...

I wish I could send you some heat from here.
We don't even say "Good Morning" any longer. "Hi! OMG It's so hot! I'm sweating like never before. Is it me or do you feel the same?"

"Same here! I just got out of a cold shower and I'm already sweating."

Than you go to the bakery:
"I want bread, jam and cheese. OMG It's hot here!"

"Here you are. The cheese is good today. Yes! It's to damn hot! See you tomorrow!"

Meeting an acquaintance in your way back home: "Hi! Good... It's too hot, isn't it?"

"Yep! I couldn't even sleep well tonight. See you! Bye!"


I would love to have a photo of the ice bookshelf.

I have already been at home for almost one year once and a second time for 8 months.
I remember the second time I went out for the first time and felt fine. I talked to a stranger that that was the first time in 8 months I was going out.
I felt as if I was returning from a long trip and had to know my city again.
I don't think it will ever happen again.
Now I value each second I spend outside and I don't spend more time because of Nell and because I have to work.
Hope you did sleep well!

Lucy said...

Spunky thanks you for the award. It is cold and snow here but I think our snow has stopped for now and since Joe can't scoop, I know my 2 faithful grandsons that scoops for us are glad. You know I wish you the best in life. More good days than bad!!!!
More good nights than bad.

Herrad said...

Hi Rei,
Thanks for coming by, hope you are warm and snug and having a good day today.
I slept well last night, thanks for asking.

Hi Robert,
You are right, shame we can't use all of our minds for our mutual benefit.
A day in Wales would be good.

Hi Chekoala,
Hope you enjoy the heat, it is very cold here, still arctic zones outside.

Hi Webster,
Oh I would love to go to the supermarket too, we used to shop at Safeway's in London, it was a large shop.

Hi Ana,
I wish you could send me some warmth, hope you have a good day today.
You were very brave to get out again, must have been hard for you.
Guess Nell is also good for getting you out every day.

Hi Lucy,
Good to hear the snow has stopped, glad you like the Gold Paw Award.
Keep warm.

Thanks everyone for coming by.
Have a good start to the week.
Keep warm