Friday, January 22, 2010

Brilliant News.

Brilliant news last night, suddenly not long after Mort @ Caring and Sharing had talked to his local Member of Parliament.

He suddenly got a phone call from Social Services and he now has an appointment next week to be assessed for a new care plan.

And not before time too seeing as he first applied to be assessed last year in September.

Glad that finally something is happening, hope that the result is better help for Mort's mum and for Mort himself.

Brilliant work by Mort getting straight on to his MP and as so often is the case the current MP has a direct line of communication into Social Services.

Which they used and the result is an appointment next week for an assessment of their needs.

Hope you give it to them straight show them how hard it is for you to cope Mort.

Don't do what I did at my first assessment where I was trying to cope and did so well she did not give me the correct classification for being re-housed.

Nor did she give me the type of wheelchair that I needed, she recommended a collapsible wheelchair and the RCA said no it must be a solid frame, as I am in it all day.

Luckily I was referred to the Rehabilitation Clinic (RCA) in November 2006 and they spotted the mistakes right away.

They advised me about the wheelchair and they got my housing reclassified, mind you we still had to wait another 6 months for our new place.

Waited a year for our new apartment, where I could come and go without being carried up and down the two flights of steps as I had been for 9 months.

Shame that the Housing and Social Services can not act quicker, if we had got a new place in the summer of 2006, I could have had some independence , as it was by the time we had moved I could no longer go out no my own.

Good to remember to never underplay anything with people assessing you, show them warts and all and remember it is just business for them so guess we have to treat it the same way.

Hopefully that way we will get the care, support and the aids and appliances we need.


Stephany said...

Great news! same with my daughter, it took letters to the Governor to get action to allow outdoor time, and now on this weekend we have a day pass to go on a walk, all other excuses by previous doctor were removed.

It is all about business and money isn't it? and when it's such emotional topics, such as our lives, yours, Mort's, my daughters, etc it's hard, worse that they make people go through such work for care.


Ana said...

These are god news.
Hope you get the wheelchair as soon as possible.
Who is the author of the first painting? It's very interesting the way many artists are used.
I loved it!

Nancy said...

Very good advice. That makes total sense.

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Well done.
Great news that your daughter can go out this weekend for a walk.
Hope she has shoes.
You have done very well to get this walk for her hope it gives you a boost to keep pushing for everything she can have.
Have a good weekend.

Hi Ana,
Thanks hope Mort and his mother get all the help they need soon.
Sadly I have no idea who the painter is I just put paintings in Google and got pages of images.

Hi Nancy,
You are right it is good advice.
I wish someone had told me before my first assessment.

Thanks you three lovely friends for coming by.
Have a good afternoon/evening.
And a good weekend.
Big hugs.

JC said...

Good News ...
Hope you have a nice weekend

Have Myelin? said...

Yes, always show warts and all. It is hard to do at the beginning but after pulling enough hair out not so much.

Good news indeed.

Love the pictures you selected today!!!

Have Myelin? said...
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Herrad said...

Hi JC,
Thanks for your visit, hope that it will be really good news for Mort next week.

Hi Sherry,
You are right don't gloss over anything, don't try to show how you bravely cope.
Wish I had known before my first assessment.
Oh well hindsight is brilliant isn't.

Thanks both of you for coming by appreciate it very much.,
Hope today was good for you both.
Have a pleasant weekend.
Keep warm.

Aviva said...

Hi Harrad! So happy to hear the news about Mort.

And that's good advice you're giving about not pushing to your extreme limits when being assessed. I've done that for doctors before (especially IME docs who aren't looking to do me any favors), to the point that I end up spending days in bed, and they write their reports believing I can do WAY more than I really can. :-(

Hope you have a good weekend!!

Herrad said...

Hi Aviva,
Thanks for coming by, you are right it is important to be especially clear with care assessors, doctors etc.
Not a good idea to do anything else because they will not recommend what you need if they think you can do more than you can.
Have a good weekend.

Ana said...

I found the picture. It is a puzzle that wants you to name 30 paintings that are in the picture.
Interesting but I am putting twp masters and their work and it say "It's not correct.

Webster said...

Applying for help is an awful task. While we are trying to stay positive and focus on our abilities, this is a situation when we must shift our focus to our VERY WORST DAY. It's the way to play their game. It is not lying, it is the truth of our lives. And, possibly, the fastest way to get assistance.

And contacting someone in government to help is not a bad idea either... especially in an election year!

Hope you are having a lovely day, Herrad. I slept through mine - and woke up wet. Sucks to be me. No, not really. I take that back. Right now i feel pretty good.

Be well. Hug Richie and the doggies for me.

mortonlake said...

thanks herrad.i had phonecall yesterday from MPs office.they are ringing me will be interesting to see what they have to ssay lol.i am SO glad its election year over tc xxxx

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,
Thanks for finding the picture, I tried but could not find it again.
Wow thirty elements of other paintings that is more than I thought.
How did you find it, if you still have the link could you send it to me please.

Hi Webster,
You are right it is difficult to ask for help and stay positive.
We really do need to focus on our very worse day.
Sometimes being positive and asking for help do not coexist.
Hope you are having a good evening.

Hi Mort,
Good to hear your MP is taking an interest and getting involved, hope he can get you and your mother the help you both need.
We are both also happy it is election time too, hope your MP is very keen to get re elected.-

Thanks all of you for coming by and leaving comments.
Hope Mort gets a good assessment next week and gets the help he and his mother need.
Hope that his MP does his best for him, three cheers for election year and representatives suddenly remembering what their jobs are about.
And who votes for them to be there.
Have a pleasant Sunday.
Keep warm.