Monday, January 04, 2010

Every Day Is A New Day.

Ice Art.

Yesterday we were both not feeling very well, both of us feeling nauseous, for me it was because I had managed to gulp in alot of air while I slept and during waking up.

But maybe we always got a touch of the winter flu because when Richie got me out of bed I had already pooped, we had not noticed a thing.

That explains why I was not feeling very well, mind you I had also gulped air and gently burping throughout the day did relieved the pressure.

But it was the upset stomach that was really the cause of mine and Richie’s problems think I felt so unwell and miserable that everything else became an insurmountable mountain yesterday.

On top of all that I could not hold the mouse at all, not even in my fist, nothing I tried worked and I could do nothing but stare at the screen, a blank screen

Could not click anything open, could not read, write or listen because my index finger would just not work.

Felt very unhappy and then I also discovered that my eyesight is also getting weaker, can‘t see the colour of the dogs eyes with my glasses on at night.

That really freaked me out, and when I could barely read my emails because all the colour seemed drained out of the mails, I felt like sobbing.

That for me seemed to be it and I started thinking this is the end game and got really scared as it was quicker than I thought it would be.

Felt very worrying that everything could be over so soon but guess that is life one minute you are right in the middle of it and then the next minute your life is suddenly over.

Later after Richie had showered me and I had done my leg exercises on the Motomed I felt better.

Then I started thinking end game?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not right now not if I have anything to say about it and started to think about the various ways that I could carry on using the laptop for as long as possible.

As soon possible I need to have my eyes tested and get new glasses.

Think that watching the Elvis Presley story did not help yesterday, was heartbreaking seeing again how his manager, had no clue about music and a musical talent like Elvis.

He literally killed the golden boy and we lost that beautiful rock and roll voice at the age of 42.

Next week I have an appointment with Ludwine, my wonderful ergotherapist from the Amsterdam Rehabilitation Clinic (RCA), she could be just the person to discuss my recent problems with.

So another day brings other thought and other strategies, we will see I certainly intend to be around for quite awhile yet.

Keeping warm and positive.


Rain said...

Herrad! I'm so sorry, that's all I can say. I can't change your condition, but you know I'm here as your friend, ups and downs! I'm so glad to hear your feisty statement "not if I have anything to do with it!"!!! I hope you find a solution for the mouse and keyboard...what about a touchpad instead of a mouse? That takes much less pressure?

Stephany said...

I'm sorry Herrad, and am sending a big hug.

Kris said...

HI there! I have some blog awards waiting for you. Have a great day!


JC said...

Oh My ... I am so very sorry. I can not even imagine what you are going through.
Thinking of you often .. even if I haven't had time to blog ... with the Holidays I was busier than I thought I would be.

I hope today is better for you.

Peace Be With You said...

XXXOOO (Herrad)

Travelogue for the Universe said...

I love your ice art. I hope for better days for you. Flu can weaken your whole immune system. Best wishes. Love, Mary

Tricia said...

Sounds a bit scary, glad that you felt better later in the day and I do think new glasses may be in order! Keep up the fight!

Rhapsody B. said...

Yes i soaked the fruits in wine and a little rum in fact any alcohol i can fine though i prefer the wine perferable the one closest to the case wine we have at home. The fruit cake gets its black color from blackenen sugar or using browning.

Love the ice sculptures

Rhapsody B. said...

YOu are a strong, recilient dynamic woman and though this MS is taking some big size bits out of you it will not deminish your spirit.

Keep your head up.

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Thanks for your visit and thanks for being my friend, hope I am as good a friend to you
A touch pad may be a good idea thanks for the tip.

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for your visit, your friendship and the hug.
Big hug back to you.

Hi Kris,
Your blog awards were wonderful will pass them on tomorrow.
Keep warm.

Hi JC,
Good to see your comment, life is like that no need to apologize, its always good to see your comments.

Hi Tricia,
Thanks for coming by, good to see your comment, you are right it was scary and is everytime it happens.

Hi Rhapsody,
Lovely to see your comments, thanks for the info on soaking the fruit for the classic Trinidad Black fruit cake.
Good to know you cans soak fruit in wine too or a mixture.
Thanks also for what you said about me, hat gave me hell of a boost.

Thanks everyone for coming by really appreciate seeing your comments.
Hope your Thursday was good.
Keep warm and cheerful.