Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bright And Extremely Cold.

Ton, from the Rehabilitation Clinic , came by yesterday to see if the small patch had healed over, as soon as he walked in I burst into tears.

Had not realised until that moment quite how tense I had been, especially as Richie had made no comment, which had led me to believe it had got worse.

So it was a big relief when Ton, looked and pronounced that it was half the size it had been last week.

What a relief and that made me sob some more but eventually I stopped as the happy news percolated through into my brain.

It has been a tremendous blow to have to stop sitting until the skin has healed again.

Have noticed that my muscles in my torso really need the support of the adapted chair even if it is only for 60 minutes a day.

That is time out of bed which is good for the muscles otherwise they get even weaker.

Right now because I can not sit in the wheelchair, I have to do my exercises at the Motomed in the shower chai, which gives me no support at all.

The other day it felt like I was building up my lower arm muscles because I had to use my lower arm to keep me upright in the shower chair.

At the end of the session I felt like I had been weight training, my arms felt all pumped up and I was exhausted.

Today has been a busy afternoon first a social call from Anne with rolls filled with tasty Dutch prawns.

We drunk some very refreshing and delicious black cherry juice and chatted, it was a good visit, sadly Mathilda, my physiotherapist fell on the ice and broke her wrist, so she won’t be here today.

Got a sad voicemail message that she had been to the hospital for treatment and would see me next Monday.

And my final appointment was my wonderful ergotherapist Ludwine, who brought her colleague Johanneke over to introduce her to me.

She seemed a very nice pleasant person, very alert and on the ball, think she will be a good supportive person to work with.

Look forward to discussing possibilities that can improve my life with her in the near future.

Seems the snow and ice could be gone soon, hope so, I am looking forward to this month of snow and ice being over soon.

Today is a good day; I am enjoying the late afternoon and early evening very much.


Anonymous said...

Love those photos!!! :)
Herrad, we are so alike, it's incredible. I burst into tears often when the tension, stress or anxiety is way too much, it's such a good release. I'm so glad to hear the wound is healing well. Hopefully next week you'll be back in your chair? Black cherry juice sounds divine!!!

JC said...

That's good news ...

Stephany said...

Glad to hear it's getting better! the rolls sound delicious. Have a nice evening, both of you. HUGS

zoomdoggies said...

Love the critters today, Herrad! Hope you are all healed up and back in your chair soon.

Libby said...

oh, herrad, cold is okay, as long as you're inside, & cuddled up...& it's great when it's bright outside~!!
"think she will be a good supportive person to work with."
that's the best! i wish they were all like that!

Nancy said...

I'm so glad you are healing nicely. It does seem like this month always takes longer to get through than the other months. I think it's the cold and the dark combination that seems drab. But before we know it we'll be complaining because we're too hot! Hope you have a nice day, Herrad.

awb said...

I know that feeling, the rush of emotion. It's good when it turns out to be wasted. Enjoy your day!


Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Thanks for sharing that you also burst into tears when things get too much.
And you are right it is a good release for pent up feeling
It was very good news that it is healing well.
The black cherry juice was bought at a Persian shop near here.

Hi JC,
You are right it is good news, hope soon there will be more good news.

Hi Stephany,
The rolls were very good, it was a very nice visit, with our friend Anne today.
This evening has been very relaxed.

Hi Zoomdoggies,
Glad you like the pictures, like you I too hope that I will be able to sit again real soon.

Hi Libby,
Think you are right my new therapist Johanneke seems like a good woman to have on my side.

Hi Nancy,
You are right before we know it this month is over and we will be moving towards lighter and longer days.

Hi Andy,
You are right it is always great when you find out you got so emotional for nothing, the relief that the news is not bad is always immense.

Thanks dear friends for coming by, very much appreciate seeing your kind comments.
Get quite a tear in my eye thinking of you all.
You all make my day even better each time again.
Keep warm.
Hope tomorrow is a good day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Herrad,
there is a nutrition to the soul: friends. Time and again am very much impressed by the strength and support present between you all. Wishing you two a wonderful Friday.

Webster said...

I also liked the pictures today- especially the third one. It had me puzzled. I couldn't figure out what I was seeing. Then my husband told me and still I couldn't see them ... until I turned my laptop upside down and around, and there they were: bats! And that is what you are so good at doing - finding a new way of looking at your situation until you can see it clearly, and in a better frame.

I'm happy that your sore is healing. Keep up the good work with your arm workout! Those muscles are important too.

Be well.

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Friday has been a good day, hope you have had a good day too.
Thanks for your visit and nice comment.

Hi Webster,
Glad you liked the pictures, I also had a problem seeing the bats right away.
Lovely to see your comment.

Thanks both of you for coming by, always good to see your comments.
Hope you both have a good weekend.
Keep warm.