Thursday, January 07, 2010

Keeping Warm and Cheerful.

Wow what a relief to see Ton and Ludwine, from the Amsterdam Rehabiltation Clinic, it seems it is just a tiny wound, about 1 to 2 mm.

It is not caused by pressure from sitting but could have happened by friction or getting clothes on and off, as the skin is so very sensitive.

Ton and Ludwine had a very good look could not see anything to indicate it was as a result of pressure.

Ton will come back next Wednesday at 11.30 to check it is going ok and hopefully it may even be healed up by then.

We were all relieved that it was not sitting in the chair that caused it to happen, especially as I have been doing so very well with sitting and have managed 5 with no problems whatsoever.

I must admit to crying today, first when Ton and Ludwine walked in, I guess that was tears of worry because of the injury as well as tears of relief at seeing them.

And then more tears when they were leaving, this time because I was relieved that it was not serious and we had done the right thing letting them know ASAP.

I feel alot better now since the visit now I know that once the tiny cut has healed we are back on course with sitting in the wheelchair.

There is still a glimmer of sunshine outside which is gorgeous to see and Marianne will be here in a moment to visit me so extra sunshine inside too.

Think that I’m going to take it very easy for the rest of the day and evening and enjoy where I am and who I am with.

I am going to keep warm and cheerful.

I hope that today is a good day for everyone who reads this blog.


Rain said...

Wonderful news!!! Okay, better news would be that there is no wound at all! But I'm so glad it's not related to your wheelchair!! Let's all keep our fingers crossed that it will heal quickly. Btw I love the photos you chose today ;-)))

Stephany said...

What a relief! glad to hear it's simple and not worse.

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Thanks for coming by, its brillaint that it is not caused by the wheelchair.

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for your visit too, you are right it is a big relief.

Thanks both of your dear friends for coming by, really appreciate your visits and comments.
Hope it heals quick and I can get back to sititng again very soon.

Keep warm.

ρομπερτ said...

It takes about eight minutes until the light from the sun reaches earth - sometimes it might even be faster, by the sight of good friends.
Thanking you much for the reminder, that it is many times things close by that makes us shine, either out- or inside.
Please have you all a wonderful Friday.

Enjoying the Ride said...


I'm so glad that you got good news today from the rehab folks.

I've been reading your recent posts about the difficulties you are enduring, and just haven't known a proper way to respond. I don't come from an outwardly nurturing, verbally supportive family. Although we love one another as much as any family, we are not very good at expressing ourselves emotionally.

At the risk of giving unsolicited advice, I'll share with you one of the ways that I keep my spirits up while my body continues to fail me.

I didn't feel this way on the day I was diagnosed, but I now look back on that day as if that was the day I should have died. I should have been run over by a truck or I should have been struck by lightning that day, but I wasn't.

Every day that I'm alive since my diagnosis, therefore, is a bonus day -- a day that I'm lucky to be alive because I've already cheated death.

Probably a stupid idea, but it's one of the ways I stay positive.

Each day is a bonus day.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Am so glad you are still on track. Hope for quick resolution. Skin cremes may help make a barrier against moisture, etc. Nurse should suggest. Great Stellar Pictures. Love, Mary

Enjoying the Ride said...
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JC said...

That's good news ...

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your lovely comment, hope your Friday is a good one too.
I am curious whether you have cold weather in Greece too?
Hi Mitch,
Thanks for your mail and comments, really appreciate both.
Tried to reply via email twice but it would not be sent seems to be a problem with sending mail to you.
I can't work out why.
Your comment is very good and very useful.
I feel the same, I was surprised that I was alive the day after my diagnosis.
So also feel every day is a bonus too.
Glad you deleted one of your comments as I could not.

Hi Mary,
Like you we were also very glad that once this has healed we are back on track with sitting.
Richie does put cream on my skin every day.

Hi JC,
You are right it is excellent news.

Thanks all of you for coming by.
Spent the rest of the afternoon after Ton and Ludwine went in a happy little bubble, enjoying the sunshine and my lovely visitor.
So relaxed after the good news I forgot to pos my blog post until very late even thought I wrote it immediately Ludwine and Ton had left.
Nice to be relaxed.
We stayed up very late talking which was good, feel alot better today as a result of talking things through with my darling Richie.
Have a good Friday.
Keep warm.


Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Herrad That is great news. What a relief