Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Swans, Cots And Gulls.

Another good night’s sleep without Spike in the room, poor wee dog tries to hide under my bed in the hope Richie does not see him.

He won't even react to a call of biscuit, if only to become even quieter and try to make himself invisible.

Last night he was gently herded out of the room and tucked up in his bed with a biscuit all of which he would have gladly given up for the cold, hard floor under my bed.

What a wonderful dog my Spike is, he really is my little hero, a splendid little friend.

Feel sad he has to leave the room, but it is so good for me, much better for me to be able to drift off to sleep without any problems.

If Spike is in the room, he can't lie still like Marleen, he has to get up walk around and shake himself, at least three times every night.

That's 3 times I get woken up and if there are things that I need to do they will flood into my mind.

That is also when every pain becomes more noticeable and I wish that I could move.

I can't do that so lie here and feel everything twice as much, notice how I am tracking each pain, noting when the pain becomes more intense.

My arms now when compared to last year are more difficult to use, feel like they are hard to lift, all actions are intense struggles.

Find myself wondering for how long, and being very happy when another day has arrived and I can still use my hands and arms.

Now I try not to calculate what I have not got and can't do but what I can do.

The half full cup not the half empty cup, it does make a big difference indeed.

It means that I can enjoy moments like now when the sky is blue and the sun is shining wsithout any thoughts of the future.

Happy days.


Anonymous said...

Blue skies, sun shining, happy puppies and a good night's sleep is definitely what I'd call the finer moments in my own life! I know what you mean about the dogs, I feel bad too when I put them in their crate because I know all they want is to cuddle with me in my bed, their "den" I guess! But yes, I agree, sleep is hard with dogs in the room.

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,

Felt very sad when Spike had to be led out of the bedroom last night.

But sleep is so important better than lying awake creating things to worry about.

And you are righ sleep is difficult with dogs in the room.

Keep warm.


Anonymous said...

Lifting an always full glass to toast you.

Please have a wonderful Wednesday.
p.s.: you writing continues to teach, am more than grateful for that.

Webster said...

When you really think about it, all anyone ever has is right now. None of us have the future.

I am happy for you that your arms and hands and voice and brain are still working well. And that you have Richie and Spike and Marlene to give you kisses.

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Toasting you back later with a tiny drop of Trinidad rum.

Hi Webster,
You are rfgrht we all only have right now.

Thanks both of you for coming by, good lto see your szweetcomments.
Keep warm.