Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Snowy Afternoon in Amsterdam.

I am doing my best to keep optimistic, despite being told by Richie last night that the wound has slightly re-opened again.

Boo hoo hope it heals quickly as I have plans to get out as soon as this cold snap is over.

What a setback, especially now when we thought, there was no danger of it opening again, not after being healed up for three months.

Who would have thought, that the ex wound would open again.

Boo Hoo so need to see the nurse quickly for his advice, I mailed him last night and he will be here tomorrow.
Ton will be here in the afternoon together with the ergotherapist Ludwine, hope they will be able to work out what the hell happened to cause this to occur.

We are both quite paranoid now, especially Richie who has done nothing differently than he has been doing since I have been in bed.

Very pleased that both Ton and Ludwine, from the Amsterdam Rehabilitation Clinic (RCA) can come here tomorrow, as they are so very good.

So no sitting round in the wheelchair for me, certainly not until we have spoken to the experts tomorrow.

Find if really shit we do not know how it happened, Monday it was fine and then yesterday there it was abit of blood and its a tiny bit open again.

I did not ask Richie for all the details, but did manage to ask if it was a crater again and he said no, said that maybe the skin was very dry and fragile and had torn slightly.

Then he spent some time cleaning and bandaging it up/

I am trying to stay optimistic.

Took a sleeping tablet to ensure I did not lie awake all last night thinking about that and the fact Spike is ill.

He went to the vet’s and they did x-rays and a scan, he has arthritis in three places, the knee is inflamed and pretty sore, he has a spot where he hurt his spine and up by his neck.

Poor little gut is now on medication for the next two weeks.

Boo!!Hoo!! on both counts.

Wishing I could sit right now, funny have noticed again today how I always want what I can’t have, guess I can’t be so different from everyone else.

That helps, me remembering that I am only human, thanks Cranky @ Musings of a Cranky Caregiver

for writing about that in your recent post ‘’ Yep I’m Human’’

Difficult to relax today, but will take it as easy as possible this evening, I may need another pill to help me sleep otherwise I could lay awake all night worrying and second guessing what Ton and Ludwine may say tomorrow.

Have to stay in the here and now.


Anonymous said...

I'm adding a few boo hoos of my own here. I'm slightly pissed off that the wound has reopened...considering all the effort that was made to adjust your chair to keep that from happening....I'm so glad you can see Ton and Ludwine so quickly. I hope you're right that it's just a matter of very sensitive skin. And yeah, take some sleeping pills to help you Herrad, nothing wrong with know I'm a worrier too, so I'm anxious to hear what happens tomorrow! Take care of you and your little Spike!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Boo Hoo from me too, b*****k*
hope its better soon I need and want to sit.
But I will keep calm.
Will let you know for sure what happens tomorrow.
Keep warm.

Kris said...

such pretty pictures. I hope you are able to get out the moment the cold is gone!!!

Herrad said...

Hi Kris,
Thanks for coming by, I wonder what the weather is like where you are.
Is the traffic at a stand still too?
Keep warm and cheerful.

JC said...

I'll just say how disappointed I am that this has happened. Hope it heals soon.

Snow .. we got a lot last year but none so far this Fall/Winter. Rainy & Cloudy is normal this time of year for me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Herrad,
many getting well wishes for you.

Libby said...

herrad, i'm sorry to hear the wound opened up again. but i'm very happy that ton & ludwine will be over so soon! & i hope spike is healing! i totally love the pictures of snowy amsterdam! it's very cold here's high was -4C, low is -8C! you do temps as celsius, right? we do fahrenheit. either way, it's dam cold & snowy!

steve said...

Herrad, darlin' -

I can't think of a single sports great that hasn't suffered injury from time to time. You'll find the problem, fix it, and continue on following your bliss.

Never stop pushing your limits.

Now if they would only invent pressure sensor pants that would alarm if there's been too much pressure in one spot for too long.

M.S.-Understood said...

the pictures are simply beautiful. sorry i barely noticed that you left comments. thank you for reading my blog. also hope you get better.

Chekoala said...

Oh Herrad, haven't dropped by for a while but am thinking of you (spike too).

here's blowing some raspberries to help those boohoos - may it be fragile skin in winter than a re-opening of the wound thx to richies's speedy action.

take care all of you

Amrita said...

Sorry about the wound Herrad. Hope it heals soon

Webster said...

Well damn, Herrad, this really sucks. Let's hope Richie is right and it is just a matter of fragile, dry skin.

I picked up my antibiotics today and will start taking them tomorrow. Perhaps it explains why I've been feeling crummy lately. And I tripped over nothing in the living room this evening. Make my spasms hurt like hell.

I'll send positive energy for your visit with Ton, that it goes well. Ask about your index finger and possible infection affecting it.

Stay positive. And sorry about Spike's aches and pains, too.

mortonlake said...

can you get E45 cream over there herrad?its brilliant for dry damaged skin.cold weathers awful.take care,love mort x

Stephany said...

Oh No! Let's just hope it heals back up quickly, and hugs to Spike. You can do this, Herrad, HUGS

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Herrad
As my son would say it's a "pile of suck"

Normally I don't give health advice but I saw a program were they use honey to treat wounds like the one you have. Perhaps when it is healed, you might consider massaging that area with honey everyday. It's worth a shot.

If I have said this before please excuse me because my long term memory is for the birds now.

Hang in there girl. I know it's tough.


Herrad said...

Hi JC,
Thanks for your concerned visit.
It seems to be just a wee scratch which should heal quickly.

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your good wishes.

Hi Libby,
It was a relief to find out it was not as the result of sitting, just something caught it.
Should heal quickly.

Hi Steve,
Thanks for your visit and encouraging words.

Hi M.S-Understood,
Thanks for your visit, lovely to see your comment.

Hi Chekoala,
Great to see your comment, hope you are doing well and the heat is not giving you a hard time.

Hi Amrita,
Thanks for your good wishes, we are hoping it will heal very soon too.

Hi Webster,
Thanks for your visit and your concern.
Seems it is nothing to do with sitting.
So as soon as it has healed I can sit in the wheelchair again.

Hi Mort,
Thanks for your visit and tip about E45 cream.

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for coming by, hugs to you too.

Hi Carole,
Thanks for coming by, for the tip about the honey is interesting thanks.

Thanks everyone for coming by and leaving your sweet comments
Your support and friendship are very appreciated.