Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Snow.

Lots of snow last night, it came down thick and fast and it is all still there this morning.

Saw a very brave person go by on crutches hope they got to the shop and back safely, really hope the snow clears soon.

Looking forward to more light which should happen soon, noticed today that there was more light in he room today.

That the sun is starting to vary its angle and our Spring will slowly start to happen.

Am going to ask Marianne to look out for the first signs of the crocuses on roundabouts, it is a pretty sight.

I am taking it easy today, took me quite some time to fall asleep last night, kept dozing off only to wake up again.

Really pleased to read on Mort's blog that he will get a quick assessment of his needs, also read he will get a carers allowance to hire in help for his mum.

Also pleased to hear that Richie's sister has had her carers allowance reinstated.

She had a visit from sympathetic social workers who then told her they were taking her allowance away as she no longer met the criteria.

They would not tell her what the criteria were, so she took action, she e-mailed all the local press and every MP.

Then she contacted the charity she does voluntary work for and heard this was happening to lots of people.

In some cases people were told over the phone that they had lost their allowances.

They were putting together a dossier ad could she send them her story, she put
a full account in writing and e-mailed it to the charity and cc it to the Chief
Executive of the Council and the Head of Social Care.

The two council guys replied rapidly as did the Head of Care. He had looked at the notes of the interview and was very concerned.

He is going to appoint a senior officer to go through her case and they are not allowed to stop my allowance.

The story should be in the local paper next week with photos.

Think Social Services won’t be able to get away with doing this to people needing care, especially now the story is out.

Great news from both Richie’s sister and Mort, taking action is good and shows once again that vulnerable people can and will fight for their rights.


Anonymous said...

Lovely set of photos today Herrad, I guess that may answer a question you sent me by email....where next? :)
The wind is impossible today. Yes, I chose that word...I can't find a positive at all with these 90km bitter cold winds. Oh well, I have a little bit of red wine and some Yukon brochures, so I can dream the afternoon away! :)
Stay warm!!!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Hope you keep warm tonight, 90 mph wind sounds horrible.
Enjoy planning your next journey.

sheri said...

Dear Herrad,
Thank you so much for the award. I will gladly post it on my blog.
Lovely pictures. They make me want to start planning where I would like to go on vacation. Or get out some of my photos and recall my travels.
Have a nice week-end,
Hugs, Sheri

Herrad said...

Hi Sheri,
Lovely to see your comment, glad you like the award.
Hope you have a great weekend.
Keep warm and cheerful.

steve said...

Good for Richie's sister and Mort! I just wish their actions could trigger systemic changes benefiting those who are unable to fight. Bureaucrats are rarely rewarded for uncovering and handling "related cases." That's just extra work and expense.

Joan said...

You were wondering about signs of Spring well here in Scotland my snowdrops will open this week I think a bit later than the last few years but I can see the white heads.Crocus are well on but no colour yet. have a good day Love Joan