Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The End of This Afternoon.

Yesterday was a strange day, finding out that Judi had died was a horrible shock, even though her death was expected.

I knew that anytime I visited her blog could be the last time she posted, guess although it was known somehow I do not keep that right at the forefront of my mind.

Yesterday I did not have it in mind at all when I visited Judi's blog and did a bit of a double take surely it is true Judi is dead, which got me howling for a minute or two.

Then my tears subsided and I was left with a wet face and neck.

I always think that grief is not good if it goes on too long but you can not dictate, it is emotional and it is difficult to control emotions.

Good idea not to get oneself all worked up with nowhere to go with your anger and pain.

Seems to be easier said than done, but it does work for me.

Do not think that I am someone who has too many moments of anger; wonder if seeing my parents argue made me dislike arguments.

Whatever I am in contrast to my parents, I am an easy going person, very easy to deal with, Richie says I am a sweetheart.

On a lighter note, yesterday I was asked by Kris @ Behold the Metatron if I would mention that she has started selling earrings in her Etsy store on her blog.

I did not mind at all and have put a picture of a pair of her earrings up on my sidebar, if you click on the picture you get taken to Kris’s blog.

Then I remembered a nice email I had received on 14 January offering me a piece of jewellery if I would comment about the jewellery on my blog.

Here is the very nice mail from Sarah from LuShae Jewellry:


I was just on your site and I know this may be an unusual request but I was hoping you might let me send you a piece of jewellery from my store (complimentary of course). I was hoping you might be able to post your honest thoughts (good, bad or ugly) on your blog, even if it's just a really brief mention it would really help me promote my store. If you're ok with this let me know and I'll email you a gift card which would allow you to choose any item free.
Hope I haven't wasted your time!

Best Wishes,

It was very tempting to accept a piece of pretty jewellery, especially as everything on the website looked so good to me.

But decided to refuse Sarah’s kind offer, kind of regret it now but glad I did not get a pair of earrings or a necklace sent all the way from the US.

I have no objection to mentioning Sarah’s website, the jewellery looked good, attractive pieces which I am sure will be popular.

Yesterday I put a picture of a ring from the LuShae website on my sidebar and the link to the LuShae Jewellery website which will be activated if you click on the ring.

Well hope that people enjoy the jewellery, hope that Kris and Sarah get lots of visitors.

Am going to take it easy now enjoy the end of the afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad! Grief is not an emotion you can control, indeed. Sometimes not even time helps. I'm glad you can relax and enjoy your afternoon. Pretty jewellery!

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad, I agree it was sad to read about Judi, we all know her legacy will live on because she inspired by doing.

Anyway, sending you a BIG HUG

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
You are right about controlling emotions.
I ddi my best to relax andd id until 2 hours ago when suddenly no i nternet arghhhhhhhhh
back now I am happy.

Hi Stephany,
You are right Judi won't be forgotten.

Thanks you two for coming by, good to see your comments.
Big hugs

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Thanks for sharing with us your journey and how you manage. You are a brave peaceable warrior.
I love the book "A Tear and a Smile" by Kahlil Gibran that helps explain grief.
Have a great week.

Herrad said...

Hi Herrad,
Thanks for coming by and reading and supporting me.
Thanks too for your kind words about me being a brave peaceable warrior.
Hope you have a good evening and a good day tomorrow.
Keep warm.

JC said...

I am sure that her passing did cause you a few moments of sadness. I'm all for screaming & crying. It lets out the frustrations ..

So nice of you to mention the two jewelry sites. I don't wear jewelry like I used to .. I drop them or can't get my fingers to put them on. I get my H to help me.

When I was younger though ...

Hope you have a Grand Friday ...

Nancy said...

You seem to have a great attitude. I'm feeling blue today, too. Sometimes the world just seems hard. Hope tomorrow is bright for you, and thank you for the jewelry link.

nvam said...

Hello Herrad, Judi touched so many people - as do you.

Herrad said...


Thanks for coming by and leaving your sweet coimment.
Appreciate it very much.
Have a good day.