Saturday, January 09, 2010

Life as we know it has been restored by the sound of happy doggie footsteps.


Here it is the second Saturday in January already; it is a freezing cold day, so cold we have had the heating on all day.

Since it got dark, I can hear the wind howling outside and Richie tells me it is snowing furiously, apparently it is whirling around like crazy.

The wind is so wild the snow is falling and whirling back up all at the same time, wish I could see it better but the electric lights prevents a clear view.

Richie and the dogs have just been round the block in record time, no lingering tonight by either dog to sniff and investigate exciting smells.

Both wanted nothing more than to get back inside and sit in the warm and carry on chewing their bones.

We thought that seeing as a proper walk was not going to happen today, bones could be a good distraction for Marleen and Spike.

Luckily Richie found a little tartan lined coat for Spike to give him some extra protection from his dreadful weather.

He needs that but especially now with the inflammation in his right knee; Spike has been alot more cheerful today.

Spike has even been playing with his Kong, which he has not done since Tuesday, we think that the medicine is working and the inflammation in the knee is getting better.

It is really lovely to see our little doggie cheerfully playing again, have missed hearing Spike running around, it was suddenly very quiet.

Now I can hear the sound of little feet running from room to room following Richie wherever he goes

Richie has just gone to the kitchen to make soup and as soon as he started Spike was off like a rocket to supervise.

Life as we know it has been restored by the sound of happy doggie footsteps.


zoomdoggies said...

We're relieved to hear that Spike is feeling well enough to play with his Kong toy. Stay warm!

-- Bareit and Ernie
the Shades of Grey
a.k.a. the Zoomdoggies

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Spike is feeling better and that the pitter patter of doggie feet is making everyone happy!!! :)
Keep warm!!! Extra blankies here tonight too, the wind has picked up again.

Charisa said...

The ice skating rivers are beautiful! So glad you have a warm heater and soup today. Thank you for the award Herrad! I hope your weekend is lovely.

Stuff could always be worse said...

we are having it freezing in Georgia US, also. we are really frozen in our warm house. I also brought in our little doggie again, it is nice to see her around the house again.

Webster said...

Luckily for us in the Pacific Northwest it has been hovering around 50F during the day and 40F at night. Rain yesterday and tomorrow, but it's nice outside today. Not that it matters much as I don't plan to go out, unless DH needs company to go to the store for milk!

JC said...

I love it when my dogs follow me ...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the memories of a winter time. A warm start of your all Sunday.

Stephany said...

HUGS to all

Herrad said...

Hi Zoomdoggies,
Thanks for your concern for Spike, he is our little darling, he is such a sweet and kind little fellow.
It was a big relief to see him playing again.

Hi Rain,
Thanks for the love for Spike, the pitter patter of doggie foot steps is a gorgeous sound after 3 days days of no sounds of playing and little paws running all day.

Hi Charisa,
Lovely to see your comment, always nice to see and always puts a smile on my face.
Hope your weekend is good.

Hi Kim,
If it is freezing in Georgia this is a cold winter indeed, wonder how long it will last for, my first winter here in 1981 the frozen snow was on the ground until March brrrrrrrr

Hi Webster,
Sounds like your weather is damp and mild, quite a contrast to the frozen northeasterly wind from Siberia that we are getting.
Keep warm and dry.

Hi JC,
It is great to have dogs around you wherever you are.
Spike likes to sit next to my bed or wheelchair at all times, the sweet wee fellow.

Hi Robert,
Glad the winter is a memory for you and not reality.
Hope your Sunday is good.

Hi Stephany,
Big hug to you too.

Thanks everyone for coming by, good to see your concerned and friendly comments today.
Have a good Sunday.


Satheesh Kumar said...

Hello Herrad,
Please accept my Hearty thanks for visiting my blog. I'm immensely thankful to you for your highly supportive and soothening comment. Please let me follow your blog sothat I can have a Good Friend. You seem to be very kind and generous. Its my pleasure to have people like you as blogging friends. Please keep visiting my blog and feel free to comment on any of my blog posts. You made my Day wonderful. Thank you once again.

Herrad said...

Hi Satheesh,
Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog.
I am glad that my comment on your blog had such a positive effect on you.
It is always good to meet people and make new friends.
We all need to communicate with each other so we can understand each other better.
And so we can help and support each other.
Hope you have a good new week, success with your studies.