Monday, January 31, 2011

The Last Monday In January.

Cyril and Marleen.

 Today has been a very grey, overcast and extremely cold day, a typical January day but despite the unpleasant weather it is good to notice that the days are getting longer again.

Lovely that January has ended so quickly especially after the dramatic start with someone starting a fire and causing a flooded basement.

Then us both getting influenza, I am only really feeling better now, which is weeks after we both got ill on the 8 of January.

Saw the doctor today, I had sent an email to her on Friday but sadly she did not see it until today, when she came by at 12.15 to see me.

I have a nasty itchy rash on my face, neck and head, which has been driving me nuts, difficult not to scratch.

Somehow I managed to get through the weekend without scratching and doing any horrible damage to my face.

Took a huge amount of willpower to stop scratching, I am so pleased that I managed to resist the constant irritation.

Seeing the doctor today was good, she prescribed a cream for my face and a lotion for my head

According to our doctor I should notice a difference by this Wednesday and if I do not notice any, then Dagma told me to phone her and she will prescriber me a tablet.

I hope it works by Wednesday’




janis said...

Good willpower! I cant stand to have something itch, especially my face!

We are expecting a huge storm. To hit 30 of our states! Looks like we are going to be seeing an ice storm first, followed by 4-10 inches of snow. We are ready! I am anxious to take pictures! Just hope we dont lose power! They are afraid we will have major outage with lines down. How will I get through with no internet Herrad? Dang it... I should have bought myself that new phone when I had the chance. I do not have internet on my current Blackberry.
Your Puppy Pictures are great! So happy to see Marleen take to Cyril.
Chat later...

JC said...

Lovely to see your two playing.

Hope your rash thingy goes away fast.

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

How is the cough/bronchitus? I hope it's giving you a break, and hope the rash clears up quickly too.

Great to see the dog photos!

I'm in my new apartment, getting settled in, all of the pets are adjusting quite well.


Webster said...

Ah, Marlene and Cyril seem not to mind the cold so very much -- Playing with a stick is always fun. Has Cyril caught on to it yet?

Sorry to hear about the rash. Hope the meds work, and if not the Rx does the trick. I wonder what could it be? Take care.

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
Hope the storm passed you by, very worrying reading your comment.
Marleen and Cyril are getting on very well.

Hi JC,
The dogs love playing together and even sit together at home which looks sweet.

Hi Stephany,
The bronchitis is over now whichis a relief, I am still abit nasal but feeling much better.
Hope you are getting to feel at home in your new place.

Hi Webster,ffff
Cyril loves chasing and playing with sticks, I think the flu made it worse, had it before I got sick.

thanks to you 4 dear friends for coming by, nice to see your comments.
The dogs really like each other, Cyril needs his confidence built up after years of neglect.
He will be 6 in march and has sadly he has been denied his glory day between 4and 6 years.
We will do all we can to give him a good life.
I am recovered from the flu and bronchitist and the rash is better.
Have a good weekend.