Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Pleasant Shower.

The Declaration.
Edgar Ende.

Today has been another good day; Beenhakker brought the shower chair back at 09.00 instead of 11.00 as had been arranged last week.

 Which was great, what was even better was that the adaptations are very good and extremely useful.

They have covered the cushion in material that is better and easier to use, plus they have put clips on the shower chair to hold the cushion in place.

We tried out the shower chair and the adaptations have made using the chair 100 times better and easier than before.

Less work for Richie and no longer uncomfortable for me, because the cushion is now fastened with four clips instead of tied in just two places.

Because it is now held in place with 4 clips, it does not slip around and I am well supported at last.

Before the adaptation, showers were not a comfortable event because the cushion would slide around and I would end up leaning to the left.

 Richie had to adjust my position constantly as the cushion would never stay in the right place.

He would have to dry and dress me while holding me and trying to pull me back from the left, which was a lot of extra work for Richie.

Today I stayed in one place and had a pleasant shower; Richie had less work to do, all in all a good bit of work by Beenhakker.     


Jeanie said...

That must be a pleasant relief for you both.

Jeanie xx

Audrey Kinsella said...

That's great to hear. I have suffered with MS for 25 years and it really is the minor things that can make a huge difference in everyday life.

Gareth said...

Greetings Folks, great to read about the shower chair. Have got some sweet pea and cress seeds so will get them in the post

Herrad said...

Hi Jeanie,
It was a huge relief, nice to enjoy not endure showers.

Hi Audrey,
Thanks for coming by, good to meet you.
You are right the little things make all the difference to everyday life.

Hi Gareth,
The shower chair is much better now.
Thanks for sending the seeds, look forward to them.

Thanks to you three friends for coming by.