Thursday, March 24, 2011

Permanent Damage To My Muscles.

Remedios Varo.

Today is another beautiful sunny day, so far I have not started to lean to the left yet and have  managed to stay sitting wedged in by a multitude of cushions.

I am not looking forward to the really hot weather when I shall be roasting surrounded by so many cushions.

Looking forward to getting the extra support so that I can sit in a good position in bed, and not be almost lying on my left side.

Horrible feeling, the main problem with being well supported is that moving my arms is much more difficult to do and this makes typing really difficult as I can’t move my elbows.   .

The cushions are pilled up from under my armpits until my ankles, the cushions need to
also keep my knees upright and together, not flopping to either side.

The cushions stop the knees collapsing to both sides, which means that the my feet stay pressed up against the foam block at the end of the bed.

The deterioration in my torso muscles is because I had to stay in bed for so long, in all it was two years.

It took from august 2008 until august 2010 until the huge pressure wound had  completely healed up.
For two years I concentrated on the wound healing, I did not realise the extent of the ;permanent damage to my muscles.


Anonymous said...

difficult to say something intelligent. wishing you all patience, strenght and only the very best.

janis said...


Gareth said...

Hey there H@R, just popping by to send BIG STRENGTH @ HUGS, hope the Sunshine continues to shine and you keep your spirits up LOVE GXXX

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Thanks for coming by and for your good wishes.

Hi Janis,
Thanks hugs.

Hi Gareth,
Thanks, I am doing my best to keep being positive.

Thanks to you three dear friends for coming by.
Good to see your comments.