Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A Sunny 2 March Today.

Rodolfo Morales.

A beautiful day, blue sky and sunshine which is lovely to see, really has given me a boost.

A sunny day makes me feel positive, my life is the same but somehow it feels better because of sunshine.

Richie has gone to buy fruit so that I can drink a delicious fruit shake before he takes the dogs to the park.

I think the dogs will enjoy a run in the park in the sunshine, should make them happy, hope it cheers Cyril up and makes him feel very good.

Trying to use my right index finger is becoming more difficult but well worth the effort, it is very difficult to even stretch my right arm out enough to touch the keyboard.

Painful too, my right index finger has stopped functioning now; the fingertip is too bent to be able to type

There is little to be done if the fingertip can not straighten up and select a letter, I had not realised previously how important the index fingers are.

I used to type with all my fingers, when that became impossible I used both index fingers, these days mainly the left.

My hope now is that my index fingers will work for quite sometime, despite problems, so I can keep typing.


Karen said...

Hooray for the sunshine! A little sun does make people feel better. Enjoy your fruit shake!

Jeanie said...

I sat outside this afternoon in the sunshine Herrad. It was warmish! Such a pleasure to see the sun and blue skies. I hope your dogs had a good old gallop in the park. It's so good to get rid of those winter cobwebs.
Sorry to read about your index finger. It brings it home how much we all take for granted. I hope you still can use it for a long time.
God bless you.

Jeanie xx

Darlene said...

My brave dear friend, I hope you get nothing but sunshine, blue skies and love. I wish I could send you something to help you with all you have to go through, I can only imagine how hard it is. My love and prayers to you.

steve said...

Hello, Herrad darlin'. How's your middle finger doing? :-)

I've been using the Swype keyboard lately. It only requires one finger, but that finger has to be somewhat steady. It works on Android smart phones and tablets. Maybe you can find a shop that will let you give it a try.

You can exercise your middle finger now.


Webster said...

We had a sunny day here as well! Makes it nice when the birdies are at the feeder.

Sorry to hear about your index finger. is it possible to hold and control a pencil using the eraser end to press the keys? Would be an extension, too. I'm sure you will do all you can - You always do. :-)

Herrad said...

Hi Karen,
You are right sunshine makes all the difference e.

Hi Jeanie,
Sunshine again today, the dogs have been out and enjoyed themselves.
My index finger is working well today.

Hi Darlene,
Lovely sunshine today thanks for your kind words.

Hi Steve,
My left index finger is doing its best, the keyboard sounds good but my finger is not steady.

Hi Webster.
Beautiful day today, my left index finger is doing good, but getting tired now.

Thanks all you lovely friends for coming by.