Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lovely Seeing Our Good Friends.


Exploration of The Source Of The Orinoco River, 1959.
Remedios Varo.

It was lovely seeing our friends last night everyone, except three, came as promised with lovely food.

Lovely to see our friends here, I do like to see them and it was not only good they were here but great to see them and looking so well too.

A very pleasant evening that all too quickly was over again, we are both happy we did it.

Good to socialise with friends, I think it has given us both an enormous boost which will help us a lot.

We are both feeling very tired today, the last 2 people left after 12.30 and before we knew it was gone 01.07.

Richie took the dogs down the road to the dog toilet and when they got back I did ten minutes on the Motomed, to ease the leg spasms during the night.

Last night I enjoyed half a glass of prosecco and later on a wee glass of Trinidad rum.

Strange how times have changed, some years ago I would have drunk a lot more and be nursing a headache now. 

I guess that is because of the MS, as I can only get a couple of sips before I can not lift the glass at the right angle to drink


Rei said...

Glad you got to have some great company, Herrad! Sounds like a nice time had by all! <3 Have a nice rest of your weekend! <3 <3 <3


kmilyun said...

How fun to have friends in!

Are you saying that MS saved you from a hangover LOL something positive about MS. Getting smashed would be much funner (funner is that a word?).

Glad you enjoyed yourselves.


janis said...

So very glad the evening was lovely :)
Seeing friends can be so great. Last night Hubby & I went down to a pub where a few friends were going to play their band. The Pub filled with old friends, and although it got smoky (something I am not use to, especially while eating. It was very nice seeing friends. And the band played all our favorite songs from the seventies. Hubby & I haven't gone out in so long. It was grand seeing friends/

Herrad said...

Hi Rei,
Lovely to see you comment, it was good to have people here.

Hi Jan,
It was good fun, no not saying that, meant hat I can not lift a glass/cup to my mouth at the right angle so I can drink.

Hi Janis,
You are right seeing friends is good, glad to hear of your night out with Sergio.

Thanks you 3 dear friends for coming by, good to see your comments.