Thursday, March 03, 2011

Wonderful Cornucopia Of Down Home Trinidad Delights.

Eenst Fuchs.

A lovely surprise this morning, the post brought a big wooden box which was crammed full of things from Trinidad.

It was sent by my cousin Aileen and her husband Philip, a truly  wonderful cornucopia of down home Trinidad delights.

They even sent me a bottle of Trinidad rum, Vat 19, really good rum, Trinidad rum is nothing like the dark stuff that is passed off as good rum.

When I was back in Trinidad in 1997, I drunk some good rum at a party, then suddenly it did not taste good anymore.

I asked where the rum was from, at first they told me Trinidad, I said no way and amid much laughter I heard the rum was from Venezuela.

So I was right, it was not Trini rum, funny thing was I only ever had a couple of chances to drink rum from Trinidad.

Yet I had no problems noticing that the rum was suddenly no longer the good stuff, I certainly was not drinking rum when I lived in Trinidad as a child.    

Very exciting receiving a box of goodies from Trinidad, this has given me a huge boost today, which is just what I needed today.


awb said...

Boosts are great! I don't get things mailed to me from where I grew up, but I can also see the house I grew up in from my window. Have fun with it,

JC said...

You are so funny. I know what you mean about things tasting right. I am a rum gal myself. Not sure if I've had some from that part of the world. I'll put that on my to do list.

Karen said...

Oh what a wonderful surprise Herrad! I love care packages! I get treats from Australia throughout the year, and that little touch from "home" lifts my spirits immediately. Be careful with that rum!!

Kris said...

What a lovely surprise! enjoy your goodies!

Herrad said...

Hi Andy,
Agree boosts are good, wish I could also still see the house I was born in.

Hi JC,
I recommend you keep your eyes open for Trinidad rum it is good.

Hi Karen,
Curious what treats you get from home, would veggie mite be one of those.

Hi Kris,
I am enjoying it all very much.

Thanks to you four lovely friends for coming by.
Good to see your comments, I have had two wee nips of rum, Vat 19 is good.

Herrad said...
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Jeanie said...

I had a hamper sent from Australia not so long ago. It should have come in time for Christmas but the weather played havoc with our post. Nevertheless it was a great feeling unwrapping it and finding all the treasures inside. Enjoy your rum. Wish I were still able to drink but I have diabetes. I liked a rum and coke occasionally. I'm sure it would have been a sacrilege to water 'your rum' down with coke. lol
Jeanie xxx

Herrad said...

Hi Jeanie,
Thanks for coming by, your hamper from home sounded good.
Curious whether you got vegemite?
The rum is very good, shame you can't have an occasional drink.