Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A Busy Day.

Luisa Fernández "Marixa"

It has been a busy day today, Richie got me up at 09.00 and showered me and dressed me and in the wheelchair by 10.00.

We were expecting someone to come here at 10.30 and level the ridge around the shower, so Richie does not have to work, so hard getting me in and out of the shower.

A friendly chap turned up at 11.30 and worked until 15.30, according to Richie he has done a great job.

The only drawback is no showers until Friday, as the new tiles need two days for the sealant to dry.

While he was working in the bathroom, Annelies, Johanneke arrived, and then we waited for Ruud from Summit to arrive.

He could instantly see the adjustments that are needed so that I can sit securely, at the moment I have some loose foam rubber to facilitate this.

Which Ruud put in an even better position which supported me even better than before, I was hoping that Ruud would adjust the wheelchair seating today.

Sadly that could not happen, first there will be a flurry of paper work, and Ruud estimated this would take two weeks.

In two weeks rime Ruud will be back and will adjust the seat to give me the support that I need to sit well.                          



I am a hobo that was just passing through but I like your site so now I am following you.
Signed, hobo

Herrad said...

Hi Spiritual Hobo,
Thanks for coming by and also for wanting to follow my blog.
Good to meet you.
Hope to see you again.


Hi Herrad,
One of the benefits of traveling around is meeting folks like you. Let's stay in touch. We travel together from here.
Signed, hobo