Thursday, March 17, 2011

What A Wonderful 60th Birthday..

Red Poppy On A Roof. 1972.
Alvaro Guillot.
Today has been a very good day; it started of by Richie giving me lots of beautifully wrapped presents.

Lovely rings, 5 of them and two necklaces and matching earring and three bracelets, lots of pretty things for me to wear and enjoy.

Great fun, looking forward to wearing them all, nice to have pretty new costume jewellery.

Then Richie got me ready for my physiotherapy session with the lovely Mathilde, who brought me a present, of a little tub of Tamarind balls.

After the physiotherapy session Arden and Rob were back with a beautiful birthday cake from Holtkamp, the best baker in Amsterdam.

Before they left another friend, Toos came by to wish me happy birthday, quite special seeing her today, as she doesn’t like birthdays.

I received lots of lovely ecards and birthday greetings on Face Book; a beautiful orchid was delivered sent by dear friends from Wales.

This evening not long after Richie got me into bed, the phone rang, at first I did not have a clue who it was.

Turned out it was a very old friend of mine whom I had not spoken to for years, the last time I saw him was in 1993, so no wonder I did not recognize his voice.

What a birthday today has been and it is not over yet.



janis said...

Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to You~
Happy Birthday Dear Beautiful Inspiring Talented Brilliant Wonderful Herrad~
Happy Birthday To YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry this is coming at you late..It's 6:59pm here and 11:59pm in Amsterdam so I made it by a hair!
Worked at the hospital today.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Herrad!

Peace Be With You said...

Happy 60th, Herrad. You deserve every bit of pampering and joy coming your way.


Tracey's Life said...

Happy Birthday Herrad, glad to hear that you had a wonderful day!

nicole said...

"About trying to live with ms and discovering that suddenly most places are inaccessible and that life as a handicapped person is very different" Wow so true indeed. And the ironic thing is MANY don't even know it. Sometimes it leaves me feeling less than...

Stephany said...

Happy Birthday Herrad! I'm glad you had such a wondeful 60th!

Best wishes and lots of hugs

Amrita said...

You had a wonderful day Herrad, so happy for you.

Richies has you all dressed up in that lovely jewelry - - could we have a photo of the ornaments.

How nice for friends to visit and the gifts and phone call.

kmilyun said...

what a wonderful birthday. 60? You do not look 60 - I would have guessed younger.

Happy Birthday!!!

S.S-O said...

happy birthday Herrad!!!!!

Vonnieb / said...

Beetje laat, maar alsnog gefeliciteerd =)

Liefs Vonnie

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from Athens too. May time and life continue to take care of you.

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
Thanks for your birthday wishes.

Hi Karen,
Thanks for your good wishes.

Hi Judy,
Thanks, I have had a wonderful time.

Hi Tracey,
Thanks, it was a wonderful day.

Hi Nicole,
I to has been difficult, a steep learning curve, a life I too has no idea or much thought until it happened to me.

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for your birthday wishes, it was a good day,shame you could not be here too.

Hi Amrita,
Thanks, it was a good day, will get Richie to take photos.

Hi Jan,
Thanks for your kind words, it was a good birthday.

Hi S.S-O,
Thanks, it was a good day.

Hi Vonnie,
Bedankt voor de goed e wensen.

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your good wishes.

Thanks you 11 lovely friends for all your birthday wishes for my birthday which was very good.