Monday, March 14, 2011

Pleasant Monday.

Mountain Night 1969

Great afternoon today, nice seeing Arden again and meeting her bloke Rob, who is very nice, a really pleasant man.

Brilliant to see Arden looking so happy and well, always good to see a good friend happy and it was excellent to meet Rob.

Really pleased that a chance meeting with Arden in the hairdressers in 2006 has resulted in us becoming friends and still being in touch five years later.

It was lovely sitting in the front room hearing her tales from back home, she tells a good story and it will be great to carry on talking tomorrow when they will be back to see us again.

Very nice to have a different sort of afternoon, pleasant to have people around, probably just me exaggerating, but sometimes I feel I need a refresher course in socialising.

Hate feeling so clumsy, this did not happen today and I am sure no one would have thought I was feeling so self conscious.

 I know that it is all to do with practise, the more people I see the better it is for me, and I guess for both of us.
Good to see friends today, and tomorrow and maybe Wednesday and Thursday too and Friday is my Birthday party.

I am looking forward to every day this week, especially to seeing people here this Friday.


Webster said...

Hi Herrad, It's nice that you are having a good day today. We in Tacoma are having a long stretch of rainy, windy, and yes, sunny weather; never a dull moment around here. I'm enjoying watching the birds at the feeder. Hubs just chased a "not our" cat that was hiding high in a bush on the fence. It was a good spot for the cat, but not so much for the birds. I can't wait until it warms up. I prefer to be too hot rather than too cold, even if it does make me much weaker.

janis said...

I have a dear cousin that turns 6 on Thursday as you turn 60. I was trying to find some kind of "Boy guinea pig stuffed animal" and a "Dippin Dots" ice cream maker for kids... haha!
Kids are so cute.
I am hoping he doesnt mind me being late. There is no way I am going to find these & get them shipped in time. Your BD card will be late too. I am the queen of good intention but always running a tad behind♥
Glad your visit was lovely with Arden.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
Hope the rain stops soon and you get to enjoy seeeeeeeeing more birds.
Good idea if cats all wear bells that way we do not lose all our song birds.

Hi Janis,
Hope you find the presents.
Looking forward to your card lovely you are sending one, thanks alot.

Thanks dear friends for coming by.

Muffie said...

You always seem so much better after visiting with friends! Maybe you could let your friends know how much you enjoy these visits. Then they could make arrangements to do it more often.

Herrad said...

Hi Muff,
You are right I do feel better when friends visit us.
I will tell people and I have told them but people just don't visit very much here.
But you are right I will tell them on Friday at my birthday party.
Thanks for coming by.