Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday, 12, March, 2011. Trying To Cope.

Slept fitfully and had to ask Richie to get me some THC, which helped me get back off to sleep again.

Despite the disturbed night today has been a good day, watched Football and saw Bolton beat Birmingham, then we watched rugby and saw Italy beat France, first time ever.

Later on Wales beat Ireland then had a pleasant shower and sat in the front room with my darling Richie and the dogs.

Richie made some delicious leek and potato soup, which was very good, nice to have soup instead of a big meal.

All in all a relaxing day, sometimes, like today I find myself desperate to do more, how I wish I could do something more than just sit.

Felt very sad that this is it for me, glad I am alive, but wish so much that I could be like everyone else and be oblivious as to what will cause my death.

Hate feeling like my body is being slowly squeezed of life, can feel it more and more each day, which is not easy to live with.

It really is not, in fact it is bloody difficult to be aware of what is happening and remain calm, and I do not know how I manage this most days.

But somehow I do, we, Richie and I think that having to cope with living with my parents has helped me, putting up with them has given me the strength to try and cope with MS.


Che koala said...

Dear Herrad
Love how you juxtapose the beautiful things in your life (yummy food, yours and richie's wonderful relationship, yr dogs, footy supporting 'wins', yr reflectiveness and composure ... I could go on) with the very tough parts (the restrictions imposed by your physical state).

As always, thanks so much for sharing.

PS Love that Chagall - had never seen it before. Complements your words ever so well.

Bibliotekaren said...

Hugs to you and Richie.


janis said...

Oh Dear Herrad~ I am sorry today was a difficult day coping. It is very understanding.
I admire you so much. Your strength, your courage.
I wish I could meet you personally. I would love to give you a hug and tell you how much you have impacted my life in the few months I have "known" you. Tis not possible as my finances are a clusterf*ck and a trip is out of the question. However~ you are with me in spirit. You are with me daily and I am Blessed to have you to call a friend.
And Richie~ how wonderful that Richie is there for you and such a wonderful man indeed.
Herrad you are a brilliant woman.
Thank you for sharing your journey♥

Herrad said...

Hi Chekoala,
Thanks for your kind words, they gave me a boost.
Thanks for coming by, I find the hard parts difficult to write about.

Hi Donna,
Big hugs to you too.

Hi Janis,
It was not easy but Richie helps so much to make it better as soon as possible.
Thanks for your visit and friendship.

Thanks to you three dear friends for coming by.