Thursday, March 31, 2011

Damp Thursday.


La Donna Impudica.
Angel Planells.
Today has been another wet, grey and unpleasant day which we brightened up by talking and laughing, enjoying each others company.

Our 10.00 appointment with RTD Het Dorp was re-routed to 13.00; he got here at 14.10 and was gone at 14.20.

While he was here he did a couple of quick things for me, he added the bell function to the IPaq, so I can call Richie easily, when I need him.

They previously, added that function to a button, that I had to hold down for at least three minutes, that I could not do because of lack of strength.

He explained how the telephone book function worked, which he did not do,
when he put it on the IPaq in January.

Then he was gone before I could remind him to either drill another hole in the Perspex table so the IPaq is closer which I need as I can hardly reach it where it is

Or come up with something to bring the IPaq closer so using it is not the struggle that it is right now.

He also did not do anything to check why the front door keeps opening without us pressing the button to open it; we think he hadn’t a clue.

Oh well, just as I thought another company that supplies aids for the handicapped who do not seem to listen to them or have their needs in mind



Gareth said...

Watcha Folks, Wow thats really bad that the guy was just there for ten minutes!!!! WEll I hope the Sun comes out at the weekend for you. Us off to bristol for Pauls Dads 80th, our first trip this year in the caravan:) O posted the seeds today so happy planting:)

Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,
Typical to keep us waiting and arrive without apologising for the wait and leave so quickly I did not have a chance to ask all my questions.
I hope Paul's dad had a good birthday.