Sunday, March 20, 2011

Having A Very Good Weekend

Useless Science. 1955.

Remedios Varo.

The party on Friday was really good fun, really loved seeing everyone, it is so good to see friends.

Made me realise again how we are all so busy with our own lives that we often do not see each other as much as we all might like to.

But that is life, people have to work and work does take up alot of time and energy from everyone.

Great that friends made time at the end of their working week to come here on Friday to celebrate my 60th birthday.

Really did appreciate so very much that they came, so good to be able to see everyone and have such good fun.

Yesterday we were both tired and took it very easy, especially Richie as he had been so busy from early.

We both enjoyed a relaxed day yesterday, we watched the rugby, and football and watched the Football League Show at 11. 30 at night.

Halfway through the Football League Show my eyes started closing and when Richie turned the light off I was asleep pretty quick.

Today has been another peasant relaxing day; Richie has gone to the park with the dogs and will be back soon.


Amrita said...

glad you are having a good time

Enjoying the Ride said...

Happy belated birthday!

Herrad said...

Hi Amrita,
I had a very good time thanks.

Hi Mitch,
Thanks for your birthday.

Thanks to you two dear friends for coming by, my birthday was very pleasant.