Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Big Disappointment.

Llegada de Naruso, 1944

Aurelio Suarez.


Sadly my eyes have not got used to the new lenses as they were supposed to do, this is such a big disappointment for me.

I have written an e-mail to Andre, the optician to let him know that my eyes have not acclimatised, even though it is now the fourth day that I have them..

The font has now to be set to 18 for me to be able to read and write anything,
This is not just a minor inconvenience for me; this has a huge effect on my life.

Hate not being able to read newspaper articles without copying and pasting into word, which does not always go well.

Going to need the optician to come here again and measure my eyes once more.

This time he needs to pay special attention to the reading capacity, as well of course as paying attention to my ability to see at a distance.

Feel quite low about this, can’t believe that trying to be pro-active has got me this mess, the first lenses were too strong and now to weak,

Surely getting new spectacles should not result in these problems, what I expected was to get used to my new lenses and to be very happy with them.


Gareth said...

Really sorry to read that the glasses are wrong.Hope this can be sorted soon sending you lots of Strength @ FLUFFY HUgs @ LOVE GXXX

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

I'm disappointed and dismayed along with you. Hopefully they will get the lense prescription correct soon, the MS probably is not helping the matter with eye focus.


janis said...

Oh Dang Girl! That's not good.
I too hope that it gets taken care of soon. Love to you~

Webster said...

Aw this is sad news Herrad. And you would need two fingers at once to do a Con't + to increase whatever is on your screen. How disappointing for you. I hope that Andre your optician can figure out something for you that works.

Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,
Seems that I may need to see another optician to get my glasses sorted, which I will do.

Hi Stephany,
I hope the specs will be sorted soon too.

Hi Janis,
I have found another couple of opticians that do house calls so hoping they can help me.

Hi Webster,
The index fingers are getting weaker was typing with my knuckles last night.
Andre does not seem sure he can help so will contact another optician.

Thanks you 4 dear friends for coming by.

Tanya said...

Sad! I recently got new glasses, and even after discussing optic neuritis with the new eye doctor ("no, my prescription has not shifted a full point this year. It just takes longer for my eyes to respond..) my lenses were still making me nauseous and really head-achy after two months. So I finally went back and got him to dial my prescription back down to what it had been previously (based on my old lenses)and I bought new glasses with my old prescription. So I paid twice for glasses but at least now I have one pair I can see out of and another I'll be able to use several years from now, maybe. Will Neuro-opthalmologists do eye exams? They'd at least understand about optic neuritis.