Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sunny March Sunday.

 Self Portrait.

Frida Kahlo.

Slept very well, so well I did not notice that Richie and the dogs got up at 0.7.00 and Richie took the dogs up to the Amsterdam woods,

The dogs had a great time as there were a lot of animals around, so lots of scents for Marleen and Cyril to follow happily.

They had a truly great time and were back home at 0.9.30, since when both dogs have been curled up on beds.

When Richie offered them a piece of my roti with chicken curry, they loved it and had no problems eating.

Immediately it was clear that was everything, they both seemed to switch off and resumed their sleep.

Right now we are watching football, it is a good game, and Liverpool is beating Manchester United.

Wonderng whether a good friend Keith, will be at the game, I am sure he will be there; it is Liverpool 2 Manchester United 0.

Today would be immensely improved if Liverpool were to win; I would love to see Manchester lose, especially to their close bitter rivals Liverpool.

A beautiful sunny day here, today, blue skies and sunshine all day, that is so lovely after the gloomy grey, misty day yesterday.



Webster said...

I "heard" that it was sunny even before you mentioned it. It came through in your "voice." Unfortunately, our recent few sunny days are nearing their end as a lovely big weather system moves in off the West coast. It's bound to be rainy, or at least showery, for the next week. Blagh! Makes me almost glad that I stay in all the time, ya know?

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
How funny you could hear that it was sunny here.
We then had lots of rain but better now.
I know what you mean about being glad staying in when the weather is bad.
Thanks for coming by.