Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tomorrow Is Another Day.

Self Portrait 1938.

Wilhelm Freddie.

Today has been a relaxed day even though we both missed having a shower; instead Richie gave me a good wash.

The floor by the shower looks like it will be less of an effort for Richie without the ridge which he had to pull the heavy shower chair over.

Tomorrow the new floor tiles will be ready for us to walk and roll over again, seemed quite horrible yesterday when we heard we could not use the shower until Friday.

We are both really looking forward to having a shower in the morning, in fact both of us can not wait for tomorrow.

Right now a shower seems the most wonderful thing in the world to me, but getting the floor done was important.

Good to know that the new tiles will mean less work for Richie and will most importantly his back won’t be strained anymore.

Shame that the weather stayed overcast today and did not brighten up like it did yesterday, which was so nice to see.

At the end of the afternoon it started to pour with rain, when Richie was in the park with the dogs, so they came home quickly.

Much quicker than Richie intended to or the dogs would have wanted to if the rain had not started to bucket down, hope tomorrow will be better.   

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