Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Life Is So Much Better Without Valium.

Orakel und Spektacle (1960)
Unica Zurn.

Yesterday I received written permission from Agis that I can get mediwiet/cannabis free on prescription.

At 14.50 I phoned the doctor and asked for my first free mediwiet prescription, she said she would send a fax to the chemist.

I hope to receive 4 tubs with 5 grams each of fine Haze cannabis either tomorrow or Thursday.

Be great if this all goes smoothly, I hope it does as it will make my life easier, be nicer to not have to use any opiates such as Diazepam and Lormetazepam to relax or sleep.

Much better if I can use Haze, no side effects as well as no anger of nasty side effects which can happen, especially with Valium.

This is an unpleasant drug that is very addictive, like Temazepam sleeping tablets which I used for a year every day.

Until Richie suggested he made me a cannabis bonbon at night to help me sleep, this worked very well.

The doctor was relieved as she was concerned that I was getting addicted to the Temazepam sleeping tablets.

I felt so much better too once I had stopped and now I want to make sure that if I use a sleeping pill it is an emergency not a regular occurrence.



Webster said...

I have been taking a temazepam at night to help me sleep, but I ran out five days ago. I probably don't need it as much as I think I do. Shame that cannabis is illegal in the U.S. - stupid "war on drugs." (But they don't get rid of alcohol, which in my opinion does far more harm to so many.)

How is the cushion working? Do tell!

Gareth said...

Watcha H@R, great to read the cushion arrived at last also that the Weed will be free, know what you mean about the temazepam took it for a year after Paul passed away, very habbit forming. Good news I have got my Level 3 NVQ in social care for Adults so my wages go up by 25p:)

nicole said...

Wow! So it (weed) just helps you sleep?

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
I too took one a night, after awhile 10 mgs was not enough then needed 20 mg and eventually I asked for 30 mg and my doctor voiced her fears that I was getting addicted.
I too had noticed things like I was very negative, critical, quite cranky and not my usual happy self.
Also noticed that I was plunged in and out of sleep and after awhile could not sleep all night.
Lormetazepam is better, fall asleep and wake gently useful pill.
Shame you can't obtain weed as medicine.
Agree with you on alcohol.p

Hi Gareth,
The cushion is here it needs some more adjustments feels like a straight jacket, need to get used to it.
Agree about temazepam, it happens quickly before you notice you are hooked.
Well done getting your NVQ shame its not 1 pound an hour more

Hi Nicole,
It helps me relax, puts pain in the background allows me to eat and to sleep.

Thanks you 3 dear friends for coming by.

prettylady33 said...
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