Sunday, October 02, 2011

Still Me.

Another good day today, I could hold onto the handle above my bed again, what a wonderful feeling, its abit like getting a special present.

I have been noticing how important simple things can be, like doing my arm exercises is essential for my well being, it means so much to me.

Recently I have noticed the big effect that simple things can have, like doing the exercises, which give me such a huge boost, as well as keeping my arms functioning.

I can see now how very important it is to have something I can do, it doesn’t matter what it is, what matters is that its good for me.

What’s good for my confidence right now is being able to do my daily arm exercises; I get such a boost from them.

Really does make me feel better, I know now that as long as I have something that I can do which makes me feel good about myself, then I will be able to live with my sever handicap. 

It has taken me some time to come to this conclusion, a few years of stress, depression and blind panic, years where I did not feel like I was going to be left with anything.

Multiple Sclerosis seemed to be taking everything away from me, it felt like I lost my identity as a worker and as a woman, it was a difficult time.

Now life is still not easy but I no longer feel I have lost my identity, MS has robbed me of so much, but it hasn’t taken my personality, it has only made me more determined to be myself.



Anonymous said...

I think it is excellent that you can express your feelings, instead of stifling them. I hope you always feel you can express how you feel...

Joyce said...

this is wonderful news Herrad...glad you feel you have some control over your MS......

Herrad said...

hi mary,
thanks, i plan to write everything down, you are right that its better to write about it then keep i all to myself.

hi joyce,
thanks, yes its a good feeling so glad i can exercise my arms and have a positive effect.

thank you 2 dear friends for coming by.

Nat said...

Hi Herrad. Thought I should stop by and say "Hi" as it has been a while.

I'm so glad that you can find the strength to stay so mentally positive even though things have been tough recently.

I think of you often hoping you are Ok.


Rhapsody B. said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...powerful. sometimes blessings and miracles come in the little ordinary things. Things many take for granted and don't give much value to.

Congratulations on every triumph you deserve it.

stay blessed.

My regards to Richie.

Herrad said...

hi nat,
lovely to see your comment, i hope you are doing well.
thanks for your kind words.

hi rhapsody,
thanks, you are right good can be found in ordinary things.

thanks you 2 lovely friends for coming by.