Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Political Sleaze.

Generale, 1961.
Enrico Baj.

Today has been a cold, rainy overcast day; one of those days where being indoors was a good idea, especially with the heating on.

After I did my arm exercises, with a little help, and Richie my leg exercises as well as massage, he sat me up in bed.

After brushing my teeth, washing my face, I took my baclofen tablets; I was ready to get on with the day.

Richie got the table and my laptop; quite soon I was listening to the news, reading my e-mails and feeling pretty good.

The BBC radio news was still about Liam Fox’s resignation as Secretary of State for Defence for Defence Secretary, for breaching the ministerial code of conduct.

‘’ Fox's relationship with a close friend Adam Werritty attracted extensive media attention and eventually led to Fox's resignation. 

Werrity, had been best man at his wedding, had lived rent-free in Fox's flat, and been involved with him in business and in the conservative Atlanticist think-tank The Atlantic Bridge

While Fox was Defence Minister, Werrity had visited Fox at the Ministry of Defence on many occasions, had accompanied Fox on numerous official trips, attended some of his meetings with foreign dignitaries, and had used official-looking business cards which said he was an 'adviser' to Fox, all despite having no government post. 

The media raised questions about Fox's judgment in allowing this to happen, the nature of the men's relationship, and the source of Werrity's income.

The full list of Fox's meetings for his time in office to date, 20 May 2010 to 8 October 2011, was published by the MoD after 7 p.m. on 10 October 2011 and revealed that Werrity was present at 40 of Fox's 70 engagements in that period.

In 2005–6, Fox used public money, from his expense claims as an MP, to pay Adam Werritty.’’

They are now investigating where the money came from which paid Adam Werrity, money was apparently given to organise peace conferences and not to finance Werritty.

Many questions remain such as what about the financial backers who must have hoped to benefit, were national security issues breached, many questions remain it could get interesting.

I have had a pretty good day, there was a blip when Richie took the dogs to the dog toilet this morning, as soon as they were gone I needed the toilet too.

Nearly got to the toilet on time, but didn’t, we did get to the bathroom and after a lovely shower, dressed in red and black, wearing Nina Ricci perfume, my equilibrium was restored.


Webster said...

Sorry about your "blip" today, but you seem to be taking it much better than when it has happened before, I guess we can get used to anything, can't we? I, too, hate having only about 20 seconds warning before a BM. Sometimes it's not even that - it's just a feeling that something is not quite right and I might want to wait before leaving the house. That happened yesterday. Luckily I listened.

Herrad said...

hi webster,
you are right we have to cope, no other option.
thanks for coming by.