Monday, October 03, 2011

Feeling Very Optimistic.


Alma's view of the Antennae galaxies, created using measurements from 16 of the dishes installed on the Chajnantor plateau in the Atacama desert, Chile. The Antennae are a pair of distorted spiral galaxies that are colliding about 70m light-years from Earth.
Today the sun only came out at the end of the afternoon; a beautiful sight, nice for people after work and the kids playing outside.

I am happy today, I could do my arm exercises again, I also had a good physiotherapy session with Mathilde, followed by my leg exercises on my Motomed.

Later this week I will get an appointment telling me when Ruud will deliver my new wheelchair seat, he was here last Friday to do a fitting of my new seat, which went well.

The new seat was so good that instead of trying it out for a week; Ruud has taken it away to make small adjustments and to get it upholstered.

After one more week of discomfort, I will be able to sit well supported and will be able to enjoy going out again.

At the moment going out is not nice, I get rattled around in my wheelchair because of lack of support, and the wheelchair rocking about.

Wednesday Welzorg will be here to show us a better steering system for Richie so that we both feel safer outside.   

All the issues will be discussed with Percy, from Welzorg and Edith, my local council mobility advisor, hopefully there will be a good outcome soon.

I am feeling very optimistic about getting my wheelchair sorted out; this will, improve going out immensely, which makes me happy.



gareth said...

Hi ya just sharing your optimism for your chair to come back all done and looking forward to hearing about the trips to come.

Ana said...

I'm glad you are optimistic after a sad moment as I read on the other posts.
Your mind is free and there is nothing that can take that from you.

Herrad said...

hi gareth,
fingers crossed this gets done soon.

hi ana,
you are right nothing can take that from me.

thanks you 2 dear friends for coming by.