Friday, October 21, 2011


Bienvenido Bones Banez, Jr.,_Jr

Today was not the day we had expected, we thought that someone from Welzorg would be here to lower my arm support as arranged on the phone yesterday with Edwin from Welzorg.

Instead of someone calling between 08.00 and 13.00 as promised, no one came and there was no phone call either to let me know what was happening.

At 15.15 still no one, so I phoned, I spoke to a woman who put me on hold, while she tried to find out what happened, after several minutes she, told me she needed to investigate further.

Then she transferred me to a colleague, he didn’t want to give his name, not good PR for his company, he kept saying Welzorg when I asked his name, eventually he told me

It turned out, he knew nothing so I had to repeat my story, then, he also made inquires, he told me the engineer had been delayed helping with a couple of accidents, but he. would be with me soon.

By the end of the call it was 15.30, they had kept me hanging for 10 minutes and at the end I still was none wiser as to when someone would help me.

Since I got the new wheelchair on 10th October, I have been in terrible pain beaue the arm supports were 10 cms too high, my shoulders hurt lots, hopefully there won’t be lasting damage, but there could be.

At 16.30 I tried to speak to my case manager, she is not there on Friday, René, the secretary said she would see if she could find out when the engineer would be here, she called me back, and told me he could be here at 17.30.

In the meantime I had spoken to  Welzorg, who put me through to an engineer, he was miles away in Almere, couldn’t help until much later in the evening or Saturday, he couldn’t give me a time, the prospect of another day of endless waiting was not acceptable.

Our friend Cecile, who was visiting, phoned Welzorg yet again, she explained my situation, she found out they couldn’t do anything; they would report it on Monday.

Just as Richie was about to put me in bed at 18.35, the bell rung, it was Rick, a Welzorg engineer within 15 minutes he had lowered the arm supports, and at 18.50 he was finished.

Turns out he was from Leiden, 40 minutes from Amsterdam, his shift should have ended two hours previously, he still had a call n Leiden, and if he was lucky he would be home at 20.00.
Welzorg-zorg means care, yet they seem to have none for either their customers or their employees, thanks to Rick, the overworked engineer I can sit without pain.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

What a lot of crap to go through. Thankfully one person came through for you. Best wishes. love, mary

Stephany said...

What an ordeal! thank goodness for the man who took the extra effort to fix it!

Have a nice weekend Herrad and Richie

JC said...

I can only imagine how terrible that had been for you.

I do know how the waiting all day for someone to show up can be.

Customer service seems to be a thing of the past sometimes.

Herrad said...

hi mary,
thanks to rick who worked overtime on friday.

hi stepany,
lovely to see your comment you are right, it was a dreadful ordeal.

hi jc,
it was terrible, glad its over now.
thanks to you 3 dear friends for coming by.