Friday, October 14, 2011

What A Week.

Agustin Lazo Adalid.

Beautiful sunny day today, it was quite warm too, 19 degrees which is quite wonderful for the 14 of October.

Lovely to see happy people enjoying this unexpected warm sunny weather, I hope it’s like this tomorrow too.

I have decided to have a relaxed day today, it’s been quite a week, and I need to take stock, I am glad that I found the company that Maurits has made an appointment with.

I hope they will be able to make something so that I can be able to sit supported, be nice to be well supported so that I don’t sag and corkscrew.

Like I do now, it makes life very uncomfortable for me, be so nice if that could be resolved.

For now I shall enjoy this evening, look forward to Later with Jools on BBC2 and The Horrors, and a band from Southend, Essex, near where Richie comes from

Tomorrow I hope Wales will win against France in the semi final in New Zealand of the Rugby World Cup.

I had to laugh when we heard on the news that Liam Fox, the Defence Minister had to resign because he had ignored the Ministry of Defence rules.

After working for 40 years to become Prime Minister, he has thrown it all away by allowing his best friend to act as his unofficial advisor, and sidestepping the civil servants who are there to protect the minister.   

Looking forward now to Later with Jools and the weekend.


Gareth said...

Greetings H@R, just caught up with ya blog, as I,ve been supporting Peter on his Hols was fun but tiring. High light was using a adapted wheelchair with large inflated tyres to go on the beach a brilliant idea Peter loved it. I hope you can find a support solution soon, such a shame the OT did,nt understand your request so much for a Phd in OT.
Hope you enjoyed JH I will watch it on the I-player. Will be watching the match at me folks tommorow COME ON WALES:)

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Have a great weekend! love, mary

Herrad said...

hi gareth,
lovely seeing your comment.
watching the and its worrying.

hi mary,
hope you have a pleasant weekend.

thanks you 2 lovely friends for coming by.
nervewracking watching the rugby, so want wales to win.
have a pleasant weekend.