Sunday, October 30, 2011

A One Off.

Greta Knutson.

I woke up slowly this morning and for the first time in ages, was not instantly at the mercy of a series of leg spasms, as well as my arms, torso muscles painfully contracting.

Today I lay quietly, savouring being able to enjoy the experience again, one I have not known since my MS progressed so quickly after diagnosis in 2006.

Quite wonderful not to endure so much discomfort, pain, just because I woke up, no other reason than that, I woke up.

Today was a wonderful bonus, one I don’t know if I will ever witness again, I am glad this morning happened, if it never occurs again, no worries.

Once again was good, just to see how that felt, to feel the difference between gently waking not being forcibly woken like I always am since 2007.

Not much I can do about how I wake up, what I can do is to move on as quickly as I can, and look to enjoy the day, today.

I have really enjoyed the day today, last night the clocks went back an hour, so it’s the first day of winter time, it was dark at 17.30 this evening.

I am looking forward to the nights drawing in even more, soon it will be dark at 16.30 and it will be Winter Solstice and Christmas.

The quality of quietness is very striking at this time of year; it is very noticeable that there are no bird sounds in the mornings.


Webster said...

I am happy that you had a pleasant awakening today. Our clocks don't Fall back until next Saturday night. I like the shortening of days, and the lengthening of nights, but I really dislike the coldness of the Fall/Winter months.

It's been lightly rainy here for a couple days, but it has been hit or miss, so you never know when to go out.

This morning there were lots of sparrows in the back yard having a big discussion about something. All the cats were in, so it wasn't that - unless a stranger was passing through.

Karen said...

I am happy to hear you had a peaceful morning Herrad. Our clocks go back this weekend. I don't mind it getting darker earlier.

Rhapsody B. said...

A blessing in the storm. They are the miracles in life that we often miss if we are too caught up in the storm of living.

Loved that you had a peaceful rising. I pray you get many more.


Herrad said...

i webster,
it was a nice way to wake, agree the darkness is ok, just not how cold it is.
sparrows dying out here which is sad.if you can send me sparrow photo please.

hi karen,
it was the best waking for the last 4 years.

hi rhapsody,
it was very good, i enjoyed it.

thanks to you 3 lovely friends for your visits.