Monday, October 24, 2011

Strange Dreams.

Enrico Donati.

Today got better after I could sit up, waking up this morning was horrible, my muscles totally cramped tight, not a pleasant awakening.

It rarely is these days, although some days are less bad, today it was bad, waking up to pain is a shock every time.

This morning I woke after a restless night, full of strange dreams, I lay motionless apart from my legs vibrating gently as the spasms happened every couple of minutes.

Lots of involuntary movement, sadly voluntary movement not so easy, it was difficult to move my arms, I waited for Richie to help me.   

My right arm was very stiff and tightly folded over my chest, it was impossible to straighten it out, so Richie massaged my shoulders and arms.

Then he helped me to catch hold the handle, after the first set of exercises I was please that I didn’t have to ask Richie again for help.

Everyday that I can do my arm exercises is a good day, even better if I can do it all myself, if not then Richie will assist me.

The important thing is that my muscles get stretched so that I can use my hands & arms, this morning I lay in bed contemplating life without arms.

Scared myself silly with my thoughts, so decided to stop and focus on today, not to waste time upsetting myself, once I could refocus I enjoyed the day.       



Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Herrad( once more)

What can I say? MS, is a big pile of suck. Hang in there

S.S-O said...

people tell me that I'm an inspiration...i think u're an inspiration for being positive despite everything u have to endure...continue to be strong my friend!!

Herrad said...

hi carole,
you are right, ms is shit.
take are.

hi stacey,
thanks for your kind words, much appreciated.

thanks to you 2 lovely friends for coming by.
love herrad