Sunday, October 23, 2011

No Need For Stoicism.

Oscar Dominguez.

Beautiful sunshine again today, it has got much colder, after the unexpected 2 weeks of extra summer, which was gorgeous, I think a lovely surprise for all of us.

It was nice to be able to go out then, in a tee-shirt and not have to bother with sweaters and winter jackets scarf and hat.

In the winter we have to add 30 minutes onto our journey time as that’s how long it takes Richie to put my jacket etc on me, so I can cope with the cold weather.

The temperature has dropped noticeably this last week, just over a week before blankets were still ok, now it’s colder.

It has quickly become cold enough for duvet weather and cold enough for blankets as well and this usually doesn’t happen until January.

Right now it seems like this winter will be extra cold, especially as there have been clues, such as no mosquitoes since beginning of September and now extra blankets on the bed.

I look forward to seeing snow again this year, shame I have not got tractor wheels for my wheelchair which could cope with snow and sand at the beach in the summer.

Today I have been taking it very easy, it’s very enjoyable sitting in my wheelchair without any pain or discomfort, and of course that’s all thanks to Rick, the engineer from Welzorg.

So glad that the wheelchair arm supports were lowered on Friday, and so relieved that I didn’t have to be stoical and wait bravely until Monday for a resolution.                            


gareth said...

Hi H@R, great to read that you,ve been out and about and that you can now sit comfortably. Been a pleasent day here too.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Glad to hear! Have a more comfortble week! Keep that guy's phone number...mary

Herrad said...

hi gareth,
lovely to see your comment,sitting without pain is great.

hi mary,
i think this week will be better.

thanks you 2 dear friends for coming by.

Anonymous said...

Without any pain or discomfort is what I wish for you every day.

Kelli said...

I am so happy to read you are having such a pleasant day.
I agree with you about those people who work with the disabled and have no empathy.

Herrad said...

hi mary,
thanks for the good wishes, sadly pain and disccomfort are consant theme.

hi kelli,
lovely to see your comment,i find it disheartening to meet so many people working with disabled people who have no empathy.

thanks to both of you lovely friends for coming by.