Monday, October 17, 2011

Maybe Not Patient Just Realistic.

Jean Arp.

It’s getting colder now, very noticeable that autumn is well underway, the last days of warm weather has gone until next year.

Funny how I hate summer ending, the long dark nights starting, and especially the clock going back, at the end of October, which always makes me feel robbed of the beautiful autumn sunsets.

This year I am enjoying the dark nights, I will even try to put up with the clock without much fuss, who knows this year it may actually work.

Writing that makes me laugh, I can’t see me suddenly not getting annoyed at losing an hour, everyday until March next year.

Can’t see myself not having a rant at some point about burocrats making decisions which have such big affects on our lives.

Maybe who knows and I have really become a patient relaxed and laid back woman, I wish that were true, I almost believe its true, but I know that is make belief.

Having Multiple Sclerosis has forced me to be something I thought, I would never be, which is patient.

Amazing for me to experience being patient, I think that is a big achievement for someone as impatient as I am.

I realised that it was pointless being impatient as I am not able to move, I can’t be like I used to be, better for me to take it as easy as I can, to adapt to my situation now, maybe not patient just realistic.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Thoughtful post. Fighting things you cannot control is spending energy, spinning in place and getting nowhere, wasting energy. And still we all keep doing just that. Have some sunshine this week. love mary

KParthasarathi said...

MS or otherwise,patience is a virtue that does not come by easily to all.It is acquired by parctice.Impatience has never achieved what patience has not won.Good Herrad that you are patient and take things in their stride.

Herrad said...

hi mary,
you are right, a shame we do still keep wasting our time and energy. i don't want to waste my energy anymore like that.

hi kp,
thanks for your kind, encourging words.

lovely to see your comment, thanks for your visits.