Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gorgeous Sunny Saturday.

Greta Knutson.
Today was another beautiful sunny day, to our delight the Rugby World cup semi final in Auckland, New Zealand was on Dutch TV.

We had both hoped for a wonderful win for Wales, so what a huge disappointment it was, to see Wales lose the game by one point to France.

Their next chance is in 2015, who knows what will happen then, without MS I would have expected to be alive for that, but the quick progression of my MS means I don’t know.

Mind you, I guess no one really knows, the best thing is not to dwell on it, better to get on with living life, I am amazed that despite my restricted life, how much I still enjoy.

I am beginning to realise that my ideas about being handicapped, fall very short of the reality, which is that whatever happens I am still me.

For some reason I thought that I would not just lose my functions but would also lose myself, and my identity.

I could not have been more wrong, I can not walk, in fact I can do very little, and Richie does everything for me.

Good to discover that myidentify doesn’t depend on my bodily functions, nor has my personality been affected by the MS.

I can’t believe now that I thought I would lose myself because of disability, I can see how sever illness can take away so much, I  know now it can’t rob me of my spirit.


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