Saturday, October 29, 2011

Keeping In Touch.

View to the universe
by Nikos Engonopoulos

Today started suddenly with my arms tensing up painfully tight as soon as I woke up, even though I lay extremely quietly, trying to stay relaxed.

Nevertheless my muscles contracted, it felt like I was locked down, I felt totally restricted, I imagine that a straitjacket must feel like that.

It is so difficult for me to keep quiet when I get woken so painfully, I try desperately every morning to relax, but end up yowling, like Coldplay, except i am not a stadium band.

Hoping each day that I might be able to relax my muscles and avoid the painful muscle contraction, so far this is just wishful thinking.

Each morning I of course don’t succeed in my ambition and instead of being able to relax; my whole body gets totally tensed up.

It takes minutes each morning before the muscles stop contracting and the intense pain starts to fade.

As soon as it did, I felt better, felt even better after kissing Richie, that’s the better way to start the day, with a kiss not a shriek of pain.

After that the day got progressively better, in the afternoon I enjoyed a Skype session with Cari, a dear friend in Wales, she used to live here until 1994, I still miss her, nice to talk with her.

So glad we have kept in touch, I lost all my childhood friends when we left Trinidad, so know how important friends are, since then, l like to keep in touch with my friends.

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