Monday, March 05, 2012

try to stay focussed on the here and now.

Friday night was the last time I could use my laptop, as it would not start up on Saturday morning, much to my dismay, I suddenly, had no computer.

What a nasty shock, first thing on what seemed such a pleasant Saturday morning, and I had my notes all ready to post, I was quite inconsolable.

I was very upset and cried quite a lot, before realising once again that would be bad for us both, so did my best to stop crying, which I managed well.

Funny how that always surprises me, as if I automatically expect myself to fail, I must constantly fail in that expectation too.

Amazingly I also managed cope with not having my laptop working and being online every day, all day, just not Saturday.

 Instead I relaxed and called friends which was pleasant, it did hep me, but of course I had not forgotten.

Richie worked for hours trying to get the laptop to start up without any luck, not on Saturday.

Certainly not Saturday I hoped so much that Richie would be able to sort it, but sadly he couldn’t do it.

So I had to keep calm and try not to let it get to me and try to stay focussed on the here and now.

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