Monday, March 12, 2012

A Day At The Vet's For Marleen And Tina

Marleen And  Tina.

A strange day, both Marleen and Tina had to be taken to the vet’s for operations at 09.00, so we were all awake very early.

One operation was for a small fatty lump of tissue to be nipped off Marleen’s chest, a non malignant growth, which normally only Labradors have, not Jack Russell’s like Marleen.

Tina had to be sterilised which was a big operation; there were full anaesthetics for both Marleen and Tina.

Both were drowsy when Richie fetched them at around 14.30, it was good to have them back home again.

Cyril thought so too, he was also so happy to see them again, and they seemed happy to be back here too, which was so nice see.

It was strange only having one dog Cyril here, who missed his pack members too much to play or be happy while they were away at the vet’s.

What a huge relief for us all, especially for Cyril, having Marleen and Tina back, made him very relaxed, which is a lovely sight.

Once the pack was complete once moor Cyril could and did play like crazy which was a fine sight for Richie and me, it’s a wonderful sight to see a happy Cyril again.


Gareth said...

Hi there Honey, glad to read the pack are all doing ok:) Gutted for you that you will be spending ya Bday in bed. Hope Mr posty will bring you some nice Birthday bits:)
Still ploding on with the house, bathroom coming together slowly and will be have me doors delivered next week so heading in the right direction. O planted some broad beans and peas and still getting Kale from the garden also rocket.

Rhapsody Phoenix said...

Great the pups are well, hope you are too.

stay blessed.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

So good to hear they are better and back home. have a great week! Love, mary

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Great to hear you are all together again! Sent your name around the world a couple of times. You are why I went worldwide :)Have a great week, Love, mary

Herrad said...

hi gareth,
thanks for mr postie.

hi rhapsody,
thanks, we are all ok.

hi mary,
thanks x 2

thanks for all your good wishes.