Monday, March 19, 2012

a really lovely sunny March Monday morning.

Cyril and Tina and Marleen.

Today a couple birthday cards I was waiting for finally arrived, one from my auntie Sigrid in Canada and one from a Cari, a good friend in Wales

Nice to get cards in the post, I must phone auntie Sigrid to let her know her card did get here today 19th march.

Even though she had made sure that she, sent it in plenty of time, for it to get here for 17th March.

Today it was nice to get them both, sadly Gareth and Paul’s card has not got here yet, probably it will be here later on this week.

I have been taking it easy, especially after Mathilde had been for our Monday physiotherapy session, which was quite exhausting for me.

For the first time in ages the sky was blue and the sun was shining, a really lovely sunny March Monday morning.


janis said...

Monday was absolutely gorgeous over her as well. Today... a bit gray, but still lovely weather.

Herrad said...

hi janis,
lovey to see you comment, hows your work, when you have time please tell me about it.p