Wednesday, March 21, 2012

which was a pleasant interlude for us all.

Tina and Marleen
Today a friend, Anne came to visit us for one hour this afternoon, which was a pleasant interlude for us all.  [

It was nice to see Anne, shame to see her so sad, I hope Anne will feel happier soon when the weather starts becoming nicer as spring gets going.

Today was another uncomfortable day for me, because again my minimal bowel movement let me down, so I had to put up with it until finally at 21.00 I had one.

At last I could relax without constant twinges reminding me that I can’t have a good bowel movement without several visits.

Last night Richie had to rush me to the toilet, he got me there just on time, it was a huge relief and it gave me a good nights sleep.

Hopefully tonight there will be no need for Richie to take me anywhere at 02.00 in the morning, and instead we   can sleep, a fine perspective.

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Travelogue for the Universe said...

Have a great week! Am glad you had a nice visitor.
I mentioned you on my blog because of all the people here shut in and unable to attend "town meeting". Hope you have a nice spring. Love, Mary