Sunday, March 25, 2012

Glad I have been able to carry on and make the best of my life

Zdzisaw Beksiski

Very quickly, once I was diagnosed, I had inkling that there would be no room for feeling any shame.

That did not stop me wasting my valuable time, shame; it’s always hindsight that allows useful intelligence to be gained.

Foresight would be better, but sadly, this can’t be possibie in a totally new circumstance, such as being told, that I had Multiple Sclerosis in 2006.

Now I can see that I could not have done anything differently, how could I, when I hadn’t any idea of what would happen next to me.

At the time all I felt was scared, petrified about what nasty developments might occur next.

What  really worried me was discovering that no one knew, not even the neurologists the ‘’experts’’ knew.

No wonder there was so much fear, and no knowledge or any useful information to help me carry on with my life.

Glad I have been able to carry on and make the best of my life.


Enjoying the Ride said...

You are a strong person Herrad!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

It is hard to process a change in your independence. Have a great week ahead. Love Mary

Webster said...

Yes Herrad, you are that. It does take courage to deal with the unknown. And you have had one of the roughest cases of MS that I have known. I think you deal with it with great grace and dignity. And that goes for Richie as well.

It seems so trite to say that all we have is NOW, but the reality of it comes home when we live with an illness with so many unknowns.

Judy said...

You are courage personified, Herrad, an example of the best in us.

janis said...

Strong indeed! And inspiring. I feel so Blessed to have stumbled onto your Blog and become a Blogfriend :)

Herrad said...

hi mitch,
thanks we need to be strong with ms.

hi mary,
i agree its very hard for us all.

hi webster,
i agree with you we only have now.

hi judy,
thanks for your kind words.

hi janis,
thanks, i too am glad we met.

thanks you 5 lovely friends for coming by.

Rhapsody Phoenix said...

Hope all is well with you and yours.

Amen, a testiment to your strength.

Stay blessed.

Toinlicious said...

I think you are amazing. God bless you

Kelli said...

And you have carried on very gracefully.